Sunday (Monday) 2/18/19

Sunday (Monday) 2/18/19

February 18, 2019 1 Comment

On Sundays I reflect.

Today is Monday. I'm in bed. I've just wrapped up the coolest weekend of my life.

I had beer Saturday night when Marcel Braun (Project 33) finished his pull. I also had a few sips of Louis XIII at lunch yesterday. I ordered myself an old fashioned after lunch, which may have made me sick. I don't really have an interest in drinking alcohol any more, but that beer was awesome; a hazy IPA from our sponsor, Bonfire Brewery. After 11 months it was nice to enjoy a beer. I probably should have just stopped myself there, but how do you turn down a $200 shot of Louis XIII after a show like that?

Vail Cup Collector's Club

So for those of you who have no idea what happened this weekend, here is a little recap. The second annual Vail Cup Collectors Club blew last year out of the water. Artists and collectors came from all over the country (+Mexico) to experience the greatest cup gathering in the galaxy.

Friday night began with a ceremony hosted by my dear friend Emma Goldman (Collective Lotus Healings). Utilizing a goblet from the show, locally grown herbs, and some supplies Emma brought with, we created a mandala together and set our group intention for the show. Now that the show has concluded, Emma will burn our offering on her own to complete our ceremony.

Robert Mickelsen Glass Blowing

Robert Mickelsen, who has been torching for 45 years, came ready to work! In addition to bringing some of the most elegant drinkware I've ever seen, Robert didn't stop working once he got inside my studio.

He brought some fresh work, his latest three piece goblet set, which sold promptly, as well as a goblet he made back in 1994, which resides in his personal collection.

Everyone contributed to what Robert would assemble in my shop; including cup tops, feet and stems, all of which Robert assembled in front of us. My friend Alicia Kelley performed an aerial set for us, which ultimately inspired Robert to sculpt an aerialist on a Lyra which became the stem, for another goblet.

Glass By BoOTs!, Adam Driver, Blake Winegard, Scotty Mickle

Gina Gaffner spent the month in my studio preparing for the show, and helped me to handle all the details leading up to the show. We had a chance to make some cups together, and she came up with some of her own new designs for the show. Adam Driver drove up from Arkansas and brought the heat with him in the form of mugs. He's an absolute mug maniac and I'm thrilled to be working with him. Blake Winegard and Scotty Mickle came from other parts of Colorado to throw down as well. Blake handed off sunflowers and assisted with Marcel's pull. Scotty made a twisted and scalloped flask which I can share shortly. 

Krunk Glass

The Krunk family sent some incredible cups, and unfortunately, couldn't make it to the show last minute. The work they sent is iconic, and truly represents the style AK has been developing over the last few decades, which has now been passed down to his children. From thumbprints and millies to wig wags and linework, these cups really capture the nostalgia that makes our industry what it is. 

Marcel Braun, Project 33, and A Starship in Every Garage

Then there is Marcel Braun. This man has contributed more than most to our industry, and he continues to push the limits beyond what any other flameworker can.

Marcel came to my studio to create a collaborative coin between Drinking Vessels and the Starship.

Despite the fact that it's a double sided coin, due to a backwards roll up, we succeeded in pulling down a Millie from over 6 inches in diameter using 3 GTT torches and half a dozen glass blowers assisting Marcel over the course of about 18 hours of work.

Watching Robert Mickelsen assisting Marcel in the largest and hottest project he'd ever been a part of was a magical experience. Supporting them and contributing was the coolest thing I've ever been a part of.

SALT Glass

Unfortunately, SALT was unable to attend the event but he was able to send some of the most incredible work I've seen from him yet.

The mug presold before the show even started, but the piece I need to mention is his first Decanter...ever. And it's all clear, something I'm not sure I've ever seen from SALT.

The piece was a challenge I gave, which was met aggressively by SALT. He sent me a video of the first attempt, followed by a message saying he had lost it completely.

I never saw the second attempt but after some discussion we decided a clear bottle was the way to accomplish this project, one of size beyond his normal comfort zone.

The result is one of the coolest aeration devices I've ever seen, and I'll share high quality video of the pour from Saturday night.

First Chair at Vail Mountain

On Sunday, we caught first chair and headed to the back bowls at Vail. I've never seen Marcel so excited. We took some amazing tree runs and had a gorgeous blue bird day. For lunch, we met at a private club atop the mountain where our non-skiing friends met us for a luxurious buffet among astonishing views. Something didn't agree with my stomach and I spent the rest of the day recovering, but overall this was a tremendous experience.

We sold some cups, and I'll be releasing the available work from the show when photos are edited and ready. If you are interested in pre buying Art Units from Marcel's pull you can contact Jessica Boggs. Each 10 art unit coin will be sold for $100 until they are gone, with priority pieces going on a first come first serve basis. The coin reads "Be Here Now Vail Cup Collectors Club And Project 33".

Up next, I'll clean my studio and recover from this intense weekend. I'll work on finding homes for the remaining cups from the show, and continue developing my new product line. If I can work up the funds, I'll be planning a trip to Hawaii for my birthday next month to go meet someone who has unknowingly helped me to create the life I live.

I've produced a number of events and shows in my career and none compare to what happened this weekend. My sincerest gratitude to everyone who helped and contributed. This would not have been possible without you! Thank you all for supporting the vision.

Sorry it's not Sunday,

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Sue Glasspiegel
Sue Glasspiegel

February 24, 2019

congrats on a job well done!

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