About Drinking Vessels

Every cup you see on this website was handmade by a craftsperson who loves making art; they all have a story, and a vision, and we are thrilled to share that with you.

We all drink from cups every day and we want to help you transform that constant task into a meaningful experience, even if just for a moment, so that you can appreciate the care and creativity in our daily lives by noticing the smallest details that went into making your cup.

Our glass studio in Minturn Colorado is the Drinking Vessels HQ and also serves as a creative launchpad known as Bat Country Studios. Drinking Vessels is focused on creating & curating cups, supporting craftspeople of all media, and partnering with incredible charitable organizations.

Drinking Vessels started as a one man operation that quickly grew to include collaborations with other glass artists, and eventually Ben became a curator for artists of various media including glass, wood, stone and ceramics.

Most of the Drinking Vessels featured on this page are made by Borosilicate Flameworking Artists. Borosilicate glass is scientific grade glass and worked directly in the flame (a little different from the hot shops you see on Netflix). We are constantly looking for new styles of Drinking Vessels to share with you and help add to your collections.

In addition to supporting independent artists across the globe, Drinking Vessels is committed to social action; planting thousands of trees, bringing art class back to urban schools, feeding the hungry and more. We are also committed to partnering with local businesses in order to better our community.

It all started after a Thanksgiving dinner where we came up with the charity project. The Friday after Thanksgiving, following a night full of turkey and Spotted Cow, we took part in our annual 5k run to raise money for a summer camp for kids with cancer. This inspired us to do something all year round.

We've raised over $10,000 for our charity partners and there's much more to come.

We wake up every day working towards fulfilling our mission to create & curate the finest handmade drinkware while supporting independent artists and social action. We have so many people to thank for support along the way, and we're always excited to have people join us as we grow. Contact us here if you'd like to be involved.

About Ben

Ben currently lives in Avon while running Bat Country @ Drinking Vessels HQ. In his free time, he is a musician and enjoys snowboarding at Vail. Recently, he's been working on a Cheese for Car Challenge; It all started with a free block of cheddar cheese and 7 trades later, he has traded up to an "off-road motorbike". He is currently listening to any offers.

About Jon

Jon currently lives in Miami and gets to Colorado frequently to be in the studio. In his free time, he enjoys reading, traveling, hammocking on the beach and snowboarding.

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