Sunday 8/16/20

Sunday 8/16/20

August 17, 2020

Sunday 8/16/20
On Sundays I reflect. 
I didn’t drink alcohol this week. 
It’s been a few years since I quit and writing those two sentences week after week is somewhat of a meditation for me now. I don’t think about it much any more, and have very little temptation to drink most days.
I spent most of the week working with Skinny giving our website a facelift and uploading new products. A few of our friends came over to model with some new cups, which we will share on the feed next week. 
Bibi finished her internship Monday and is getting ready for her senior year back in Boulder. Skinny and I are trying to incorporate all that she was doing into our routine, so bare with us if things change a bit on our social media.
I got on the torch a few nights this week after long days of working with Skinny and Marta in the hot studio. It was nice to be able to make some time to blow glass. By the middle of the week, I was side tracked far away from blowing glass.
Nate, my electrician came by to install my new lights. I’ve switched to LED for our overheads in the studio after some bulbs and ballasts went out on the 20 year old fixtures in place. We are about half way through the switch over. 
Marta is half way through printing our next round of shirts, which we have updated in the shop here. The other half will be up next week in a variety of colors and sizes. I am not exaggerating when I say they’re the most comfortable shirts I’ve ever worn (thanks to Banana Republic dead stock). 
By the middle of the week all of my plans turned upside down. You may have seen the cups from Jake C @jake_c_glass and Sagan @saganglass and Melitz @melitzartglass that have consumed my time since they’re release. After making some arrangements with Jake and a few of my clients I booked a flight to Seattle and rented a car to drive up to Bellingham.
Upon landing in Seattle I went straight to Dizzle’s @swissperc house for a burger. He had the grill burning when I pulled into his beautifully secluded home on the water. We caught up quick for a bite before I was on the road again. A few of the feet I flared for him months ago have made it into production, and I am honored to have been able to help.
I made my way North on a beautifully sunny afternoon to see Nick @robinhoodglass and was pleasantly surprised to find out my friend Jared @gordmonsglass is his shopmate and roommate. It was nice to breathe some fresh air outside of the Colorado fires of recent. I drove with the windows down to another secluded spot belonging to another Jared @jredglass where the three of them work. Nick had a few cups for me to pick up and while I was there he offered a couch on Camino Island after my trip to Bellingham. 
This was pretty ideal as I had no idea where I was going to sleep. 
So I got back on the road for Bellingham where I arrived around 7pm at The Observatory studio home of Jake @jake_c_glass Sagan @saganglass Annie @spillerwoods Jeff @melitzglassarts Bates @stevenbatesglass Dosa @dosaglass Cody @codyolsenglass
When I arrived Jake had my 5 cups on the table. Two Sagan collaborations which presold, one collaboration with Melitz, and a pair of solo cups sat on a mat. This was one of the most impressive acquisitions I have ever made. I got to spend a few minutes catching up with Annie before she attended to other plans, and unfortunately I missed Dosa and Bates. The rest of the crew hung around for a few hours with me before I got back on the road. 
An hour later I found Nicks place in the dark and enjoyed a sausage and rice he made for me, followed by a series of short naps overnight on his couch. In the morning I caught up with Gordman before getting on the road for Seattle once again. 
I stopped by QCB to see my dudes Keegan and Joe @whothehellisjoekelly who had a smoothie waiting for me when I arrived. I hung out with my friends from back in The Boro School days and caught up, ultimately jumping on the lathe for a few minutes to get a sweat on before my flight home and do a little demo for Joe. It was such a privilege to spend time with these guys who I consider dear friends at this point.
And then it was back home. A quick trip there and back the next day.
I’m too tired for a thorough CUPDATE but you know there will be some freshies on the site this week so stay tuned. Sorry I’m a day late here. 


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