Sunday 2/24/19

Sunday 2/24/19

February 24, 2019

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn't drink this week. On the one hand it feels like starting over, while at the same time it feels like I'm under a month away from a year of abstinence from alcohol. I had under 5 glasses of whiskey his year, two beers, and a sip of wine. I've had that much to drink at a single brunch before, so this feels like real progress.

I've been recovering from the show all week, cleaning the studio and shipping people their glass. I've got some equipment and tools to ship out tomorrow and then everything will be back to normal at the studio. I got one powder day on the hill with some friends, and I realized how bad I needed to get out of the studio and clear my mind. That was two days ago, and yesterday I designed a new cup that I'm planning to develop into a new product line. I also made a new collaboration with Gina @glassbyboots that I can't wait to show you!

Right now Hawaii is not looking likely, but Southern California is happening. I'll be delivering glass from the show to one of my biggest clients soon. He likes to rent super cars so we will spend a day cruising around SoCal. If I can pull together the funds I'll make a quick trip to Hawaii from California for a spiritual journey I've been planning since college when my mom showed me the book "Be Here Now".

I've got a bench spot opening in my studio on March 1. If you are an artist looking to create in my studio in Minturn with access to Vail 15 minutes away please get in touch. There are many different options for how this can work, and I'm developing an Artist in Residence application. I offer both short term or longer options.

I truly can't believe how many people tune into my channel weekly. I'm really blown away with how many of you read my reflections and tune into my Instagram story. It's crazy to see names from childhood, high school, college, adulthood, and so many of you I've never met. Every once in a while I hear from someone out of the blue that I haven't spoken to in ages. I'm grateful for all of the people in my life, and all of the people I've been able to connect with through my project. I really feel privileged.

My graphic designer JCost came out this past weekend for the Vail Cup Collectors Club, and for his first visit to my studio. After a long weekend, we came to the conclusion that J will be moving to the mountains this summer from Alaska to work with me full time. We've been discussing this for years, and the time is finally right. I've been feeling like I'm drowning with the amount of work my businesses require to operate. I've hardly been able to find time to blow glass since I built the studio. Now that buildout is complete and the studio is fully operational along with the brands, it's time to bring in some help to keep this beast alive. I'm beyond grateful to my friends who have stepped in to help over the last few years, before I could bring someone on board. I'm excited to be able to focus my energy on the torch. We're also looking for people to help with production so if that's something your interested in please send me a message. I'm working on applications for this position as well but if the right person comes along before apps are out I'm ready to kick it into gear.

The growth I've experience since I opened my studio is incredible, both personal growth and the growth that's occurred for my business and studio. We've seen over a half dozen kids come and go that "wanted to be a glassblower". We've had incredible guest artists. I've developed a new product line I never could have come up with while I was homeless, living on the road, and jumping studio to studio. I've been able to begin my journey into sobriety, and start taking care of myself personally, spiritually, and physically. I wouldn't trade in my experience on the road, but the stability I've created for myself has been of great benefit to me.

I'm excited about blowing glass again, and I'm finally making the time. If you're looking to grab one of the first cups in my new line hit me up and I'll make a list. So far I've only made one, and I haven't made it to the studio to take it out of the kiln yet. I'm looking forward to refining the design this week and making as many as I can.

This was probably a bunch of rambling but thanks for tuning in. Enjoy your Sunday!

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