Sunday Reflections: Gearing Up for Vail Cup Collector's Club!

Sunday Reflections: Gearing Up for Vail Cup Collector's Club!

December 22, 2019

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol this week, but I dreamt I did more than once. Maybe it’s the holidays or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve hardly been sleeping. It feels like we’ve been working around the clock.

It hasn’t snowed this week so I only rode one day with a friend at Vail. I’ve been extra sore so it was good to take it easy but now I’m ready for the next storm!

Taco Tuesday is back, and it was great to have our local friends over to the studio. Shoutout to our butcher the Colorado Meat Co. in Avon for sponsoring us every week! We couldn’t do it without them.

Most of the next two months will be spent planning our third annual Vail Cup Collectors Club coming up in February. Two of the five VIP tickets sold already, and we haven’t even announced the full lineup yet! It’s gotten better every year, so I’m looking forward to our best event yet February 7 - 9 at Bat Country Studios in Minturn, Colorado.

I got to blow glass almost every day this week and it was fun. I’ve been working on some collaborations with J. Cost for the upcoming show as well as working through prep for other collaborations that have just been sitting in my drawer. This time of year always gets me motivated to finished stuff that’s been laying around. Sorry to all the artists who have given me prep and been waiting! I made a serious dent this week and I’ve got momentum built to keep going.

I picked up a few clients at the airport this week, including my favorite surrogate dog Tarzan. He will be hanging out with me this week while his owner skis, and I’m looking forward to my canine companion’s company. I’m unable to have my own dog right now for a lot of reasons, but it’s nice having Tarzan some of the time around the studio.

We watched the president’s rally on the night of his impeachment. We also watched Mitch McConnell speak the next day. It’s a very interesting time for our country right now. The country feels more divided than ever. The future looks bleak.

Reda came and shot dozens of cups that somehow accumulated between our last shoot and now. She’s working on edits and we’re going to have lots of product going live on the site just before New Year’s Eve.

Today was our last day to take orders and have them ship on time for Christmas, but we have gift cards (link here) available that you can still buy in time for last minute gifts!

I hope you all have a nice Sunday. I’ll be hanging with Tarzan at the studio and working on whatever I can find the energy to do.


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