Sunday 9/25/22

Sunday 9/25/22

September 25, 2022

On Sundays I reflect. 
I had a beer this week. Maybe it was half a beer. Some nights it’s nice after a long day or week of work, but mostly I’m abstaining from drinking and that’s better for me. 
It’s Rosh Hashana which is the Jewish New Year tonight. Over the last few years I have become less observant of Judaism for a number of reasons. It’s still an important part of my life and I’ll be taking some time tonight and tomorrow to focus on the holiday. 
The next few weeks for me are jam packed with work, travel, and shows. As challenging as it will be for me to be mindful during this time of reflection known as the High Holidays, I will still be observing traditions in my own way. A lot of this time will be spent on self reflection and an assessment of where my life and business have gotten to. 
We had a great time at the popup in Denver last weekend thanks to Purple Haze and all our sponsors. Now I’m getting ready for the first Austin Cup Collectors Club on October 6 Thirsty Thursday edition. Some of our sponsors like Yerba Star and Polar Provisions will be able to be at the Austin event and a special shout-out to Chef Stroman, Bubba, Frank, Tucker and Dialed In, Soiku Bano, Chris and the team at Purple Haze for an awesome afternoon!
I’ve been working on some collaborative cups between planning the shows and I have some fresh stuff coming soon! At least a few things will be ready for the Austin Popup if all goes according to plan. 
I can’t believe Summer is over and fall is here. The colors in Vail are incredibly gorgeous and we’re doing our best to capture content that shares what we’re seeing with you. As the temps drop I can’t help but get excited for ski season. I can’t wait to get back on my snowboard. 
I had a funny story to share about race cars and convertibles that reminded me of my Grandpa, but I’m saving it for another time. I miss him a lot this time of year, which we always used to spend together. When I was a kid he sold cars and as the oldest grandson he always told me I would be the first one driving a red convertible. 
As I write this I’m waiting for my breakfast of chocolate chip waffles with a side of hash browns and a fried egg. I started Sunday Specials early this morning and a few things have already found new homes. If we get more than five sales on the website today I am going to give away a piece from my personal collection to one of the customers who purchased. 
As always I’m extremely grateful for your support and looking forward to taking some time to reflect these next few weeks. 
Enjoy your Sunday,

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