Sunday 9/18/22

Sunday 9/18/22

September 18, 2022

On Sundays I reflect.
I had a few beers this week. It happens, but I’m still focused on abstaining from alcohol.
Today I am getting ready to drive to Denver for our third popup the Denver Cup Collectors Club at Purple Haze on Colfax. Doors open at 2 and we have lots of new cups and other surprises from our partners. If you’re around Denver I hope we get to hang out at the show today. I’m excited to see a bunch of my friends and partners who support making these popup events happen.
And after this weekend I’ll be able to announce the next popup show, this time in a new city!
Eric and Marta have been helping make time for me to blow glass. Wednesday our friends from Dialed In Gummies came up to collaborate on content with their new simple syrup infused with hash. I was able to prep before they came and spent most of the day blowing glass. I made my fifth fully worked solo cup of the year, and towards the end I boiled one white lip wrap and got some divitrification on another section. It’s not perfect but I’ll probably be giving this cup away with Dialed In soon so stay tuned for a chance to win that on their page. 
Most of my energy this week was spent preparing for the popup and blowing glass. This weekend I was able to catch up on some sleep and relax around the house a bit. 
We found a good deal on a used Skutt Micro kiln, which will offset the power consumption and excess of using my Skutt XL. It is good to have both, allowing us more garage space during events as well as the ability to have projects coming up and down at different times. I'll mostly be able to operate out of the Micro now without all the extra heat the XL gives off which will keep summers cooler in the studio.
Things seem to be going a million miles an hour these days but I’m excited to have a team that helps me to be in the moment, especially at these shows. Living in the mountains helps me stay focused on work (and snowboarding) but it also isolates me. It has been great making time to get down to the front range these last few months and spend more time in person with our community. I look forward to keeping these events going, and will be sharing another exciting announcement with Purple Haze soon!
As always thanks for tuning in. My eagerness has me ready to go to the studio an hour early this morning and I would rather be ahead of schedule than behind. 
Sorry this was brief!
Enjoy your Sunday, 

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