Sunday 9/17/23

Sunday 9/17/23

September 17, 2023

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol this week. It feels good to write that again. Sometimes I can hear the blog writing itself when I am presented with the choice of having a drink.

I cut my hair off this week. It might be the first time I’ve had short hair since college. I can’t remember. I’ve been asked why I did it and the only answer I can provide is that it was time.

I feel lighter.

I had to reintroduce myself to some people around town who didn’t recognize me. Overall the feedback has been positive, which feels nice. My friends are relieved.

Sometimes change is good.

I got some time on the torch this week, and it also felt good. Alec Blows Glass came up to get some potato collaborations in with me and Red Cliff Stan. This was our first time meeting Alec and we all had a good time in the studio together.

Matty B came over again this week, this time to help us get a vac stack set up on the lathe. I haven’t pulled vac stacks (besides a few randomly) since the Bloomington Indiana days when I was learning from Huffy. I remember spending about two weeks pulling down canes until we had a pile with pounds and pounds of line tubing. It may have been the first time I truly felt like a glass blower. It was definitely one of my proudest moments.

It felt good to get back into such a big and hot process on the torch. I need to keep pushing myself with the material, and challenging myself with projects. This was a good reminder.

In the background I have been planning our next few shows happening in the coming months. Today we announced the first ever Philadelphia Cup Collectors Club at Ruckus Gallery on October 7. VIP tickets will be available at for a 420 pm happy hour and first selection. General Admission will be free and begin at 6 pm with the event going until 10 pm. We have an incredible lineup of artists and sponsors, and I can’t wait to see everyone and celebrate Cup Culture in Philly in just a few weeks.

Our Flexpresso Sipper drop on Monday from our buddy Flex was a huge success. Congrats to Flex and his collaborating friends! We’re looking forward to more of this line from Flex, and there is at least one more Collab on the way for our drop next month. Don’t sleep on the last few listed from this week’s drop.

We celebrated the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashana this week. I spent some of the time alone in reflection, and the rest of the time I spent watching my friends Seth and Michelle’s kids. Too often I get caught up in my own shit and priorities. Many people in my life go out of their way to support me in my endeavors. Sometimes I have to remind myself to take a step back and be there for the people in my life who support me. Watching the kids is grounding for me, and it feels good to be a part of their lives.

After the Philly show I’ll be back to the mountains with ski season around the corner. I’m getting very excited to spend this winter on the hill! Hopefully you’ll get to come shred with the squad.

With the studio full, we are already planning a shop upgrade to create more useful space. If you are an artist that wants to get on the calendar for this winter please reach out now to lock in dates. We want to host and accommodate as many artists as we can this season to be able to come collaborate and get some skiing in. The calendar is already filling up fast, which has me even more excited about the months ahead.

I’ve had a few frustrating encounters recently with some colleagues and peers. I’m working very hard to be less critical of others, and to try to improve the way I behave towards and treat others. Instead of focusing on how frustrating it can be when people behave a certain way towards me, I’m trying to make sure I don’t behave that way towards others.

As a business owner it can be hard not to take things personally sometimes. Lately, I’ve been focusing on separating my personal feelings from work a little bit. We have so many amazing things going on with the team and the studio to be grateful for.

So to the people who have believed in and supported my vision, and to the people who are regular fixtures at the studio and online; we appreciate you. Thank you so much for supporting our team and being present for us. It can often feel like pushing a rock up a hill, and I couldn’t do it without you.

Today I’ll be on the torch a bit (I think) and as always I’ll have some Sunday Specials coming your way via Instagram live streaming. In the meantime check out these site specials here!

Enjoy your Sunday,


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