Sunday 6/2/19

Sunday 6/2/19

June 02, 2019

On Sundays I reflect.

I did not drink alcohol this week. It's been nearly fifteen months since I quit.

My apprentice David graduated high school this week. I attended his graduation party yesterday, remembering how badly I felt the need to get out when I was his age. David spent a few years working with me, receiving high school credit for his efforts at first. Eventually he just came in to do chores, and when chores were done to get on a torch. He says he'll buy a torch before college, and I've made arrangements for him to have a place to melt when he gets to school.

Sometimes I wish I found glass in high school. I was the most unhappy I've ever been in high school, and part of me thinks glass may have helped. Another part of me knows that nothing about my life could be different than it is, so I don't dwell. What if, like so many other hobbies, I found glass at that age and gave up? It's almost terrifying to think about.

I've had the same song on repeat for most of the last week. I've been wearing the same outfit for most of the last year. I make the same smoothie every morning (almost). I eat the same foods for most of my meals, with very few varieties though lately I've been expanding my palette. Routine is both my best friend and worst enemy simultaneously. It makes me crazy, and gives me sanity.

This week I'll be attending a free Jerry Garcia Band concert in Vail as part of the annual Go Pro Games. I'm definitely looking forward to that! This weekend they opened Independence Pass, so I'm making another quick trip to Aspen. I'll return to the Margaret Kilgallen exhibit at the art museum, and have a few meetings in that lovely little town, with my favorite drive in the country on either end.

This weekend is the Armadillo Art Glass Initiative in Austin Texas so you know I'll have some incredible cups coming next week! I also just received a batch from Doug Williams @dewglassdesigns Jason Gordon @gordonsglassware fumed pints sold out, but I'm told the next batch is almost ready. Another box from Ned Glassman @nedglassman came and a few have already found homes. My first mug from Ned is on the way! Grateful Mugs from Melisa Beth ceramics @melisabethceramics sold out, but I found a new ceramicist with an incredible line of mugs I'm trying to get this week so stay tuned for those!

I've been slowly working on the third collaboration with Seth Auger @firekist which will be orange themed and benefit the National MS society. Hopefully we'll get another box made from my friend Joel in New York to complete this collaborative project.

I'm feeling rushed today, so that's that.

Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy your Sunday!

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