Sunday 6/16/19

Sunday 6/16/19

June 16, 2019

On Sundays I reflect. 
I did not drink alcohol this week. It’s been fifteen months since I quit. 
It’s been too hot to work during he day, so I’ve been nightshifting with Rob @logglass this week. We had a sixteen mug order to fill, on top of our other projects that will ship this week. I’ve been prepping for the next box set collaboration with Seth @firekist and Joel @wafflemania420 and I’m almost ready to start assembly. 
This weekend was the bachelor party for a dear friend of mine, held at another friend’s home up here in the mountains. Unlike the mainstream depiction of a bachelor party, we held a special ceremony, cooked meals, and played games including Settlers of Catan. I’m very much looking forward to the wedding of two incredible people later this summer. 
On Friday, I made the trek to Aspen yet again. This time my friend and fellow artist Bianca @crystalandwood joined me for a group show at Skye Gallery @skyegalleryaspen where we enjoyed some spectacular art from three women. Skye, the gallery owner, purchased one of Bianca’s crystal inlay cheese boards and hopefully we’ll see more of her art in Aspen in the future. My friend Shawn from Wild Tonic Kombucha @drinkwildtonic joined me for dinner after Aspen Food and Wine along with a few other friends at Matsuhisa for a marvelous Sushi dinner. Driving Independence Pass was lovely in the afternoon, but I took the shorter route through Glenwood Canyon home which I prefer in the dark. 
I’ve got another photo shoot coming up with Reda this week so I can share the new Ryan Reich Sneaker Mugs @ryanreichceramics and the latest drop from Jason Gordon @gordons_glassware of fresh fumed pints!
Another artist will be joining the studio next month in a new capacity. My friend and graphic designer Justin @planetjcost will be moving to Vail next month to begin working out of Bat Country studios. Justin is an incredible artist, and I’m looking forward to sharing my space with him and being able to co-create. 
There are a lot of big projects on my plate. It always feels overwhelming, so I remind myself “I got this far”. Sometimes things don’t move as quickly as I want them to, but everything is going in the right direction and for that I’m grateful. 
Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and all the dads out there. I wish I could spend today with my family but I’m looking forward to their visit in a few weeks!
Thanks for tuning in, and enjoy your Sunday!

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