Sunday 5/12/19

Sunday 5/12/19

May 12, 2019

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn't drink alcohol this week. It been just under 14 months since I quit, in which I've had booze on two occasions. I chat with a few other people who quit sometimes. I had a dream that I had a beer last night and had to write about it here. I'm grateful for my sobriety.

I got a surprise shred sesh in at Breckinridge with my friend Alicia on Friday. May 10 and it was snowing on the mountain while we took morning laps. I think that's 32 or 33 days on the hill for me. Conditions could have been better, but it was a nice release to get out there for a few hours. I'll admit I'm a snob now, and only want to ride feet of powder. Alicia definitely would have squeezed in another few laps when I was ready to go, but there's only so much in me when conditions are the way they are.

So this week is my big California trip. I've got so much planned it will be a miracle if I pull it off. Primary objective is linking with Voorhees, picking up the order, and collaborating in his studio in Santa Barbara. There are a few other artists I'll try to connect with in the area, and I might find a day to surf. Then I'll head back down for the Eusheen show, link with DWRECK who might have something special for me to share with you, and link with my collector The Little Glass Gallery. He suggested we may drive Lamborghini's. I did not protest.

Last time I visited The Little Glass Gallery I flew in for 24 hours. He rented me a Porsche 911 and I drove up to meet him for dinner where I delivered his order to him. Some things make more sense to fly than to ship, and an excuse to take a trip to California is always appreciated. This week, I've been invited over to his house. I'm hoping to be able to share some of his personal collection with you when I'm there so you'll definitely want to tune in for that. We got linked about two years ago and it's my estimation that his cup collection is unrivaled. I think he may even own a more impressive collection than I do, even if you include my inventory that's for sale on the website. He has made clear to me that while some of his pipe collection is for sale, none of his cups are ever for resale. I truly admire him, and am eternally grateful for the support he's shown me since his first serious cup acquisition. A few years ago he pre purchased the mug from Stephan Peirce and Rye before it was even finished being cold worked by Rye. He flew me out for a day in which I landed in LA in the morning and left before dinner. I met with a cousin in Hollywood, before getting picked up to drink beers by the pool out of a pair of the most expensive mugs I've ever owned. Stephan Peirce and Rye for him, and Stephan Peirce and Salt for me. I probably killed a six pack of beer that afternoon, and I remember having the bartender at LAX fill up my mug before my flight. You can imagine the conversations that started in the airport.

I've spent more time blowing glass this week than most prior. It felt good. I've made two of my fully worked cups and a handful of gifts for folks on the journey. I came up with a new mug design last night with my shopmate Rob @logglass and we made a few other collaborations as well. Most of our work has sold the day after we've made it, but we have a pair of pints and now this mug available. It's been a lot of fun working with Rob lately. One of the fully worked cups is a gift for someone special I'll deliver out in California.

One of the fully worked cups I've made is going to my mom. Happy Mother's Day to her and all the other moms out there. My mom probably puts up with more of my shit than anyone else, and she's certainly been doing it the longest. I'd say the main consistency in my life is that I'm a pain in the ass. My friends nicknamed me "the worst". My mom might be my biggest fan, and her cup collection is on point but this will be the first fully worked cup she owns from me. Her kitchen cabinet is full of old experiments of mine and cups I made for her when I moved to Colorado and got a speeding ticket I couldn't afford to pay. She fronted me the money and asked for my cups as payment. That was back before I was representing other artists and I had to pay $50 an hour to rent a lathe to make my art. I couldn't even sell $50 cups back then and now they sell for $5,000. I wouldn't have made it here without my mom's support, which I'm beyond grateful for.

If you're wondering why this blog post seems less formatted than the last few, it's because my brother is in Brazil. Our new system involves him editing my blog posts and making them look all pretty because I'm computer illiterate. I wish I were in Brazil with him, but I know we'll go together one day. About 5 years ago I had the privilege to go down to Brazil and it may have been the most magical place I've ever been. I'm not sure, because I was consuming around a dozen Caipirinhas a day.

I've been cooking breakfast this week. That's a massive accomplishment for me, so I felt the need to share it here. Anyone who has woken up at the same place as me knows I'm worthless for breakfast prep. They call me the smoothie king, but none of my close circle trust me in the kitchen with anything else. When I have to feed myself I can make Ramen, frozen pizza, pasta with meat sauce, or mac and cheese. I can also grill a skirt steak. I love skirt steak.

Yesterday someone asked about my yoga routine because I post on Instagram every once in a while "when I do yoga I disappear". I do yoga in front of a mirrored closet door with wood where the two mirror doors meet. When I take a picture from my yoga mat all you can see is my knees with my body blocked. I've been doing yoga almost every morning for at least the last year. For the first time since college, I have a consistent place to live with enough space to actually practice yoga. When I started this practice I was also meditating daily, but I've admittedly let that slip away from my routine. I drink Chinese herbs in tea twice daily since November. These practices are helping to center me, ground me, and make it possible for me to live up to my potential.

Well this one seems to be dragging on, and I'm getting hungry. I got off to a late start today after a late night at the studio without dinner. There is more work than I'll get done before my trip, which always feels like the case. I take things one by one, and do as much as I can do.

I'm extremely grateful to the people who have bought cups the last few weeks. I spent a tremendous amount of money producing my show in February and I'm still getting caught up. I put every dollar I make into my business, besides feeding myself and putting gas in the car to get to work. I wouldn't be able to do this without your support!

Enjoy your Sunday,

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