Sunday 3/19/23

Sunday 3/19/23

March 19, 2023

On Sundays I reflect.

I’ve been drinking a bit this week.

I took the red eye to Philadelphia and somehow didn’t sleep at all. I ended up at the cafe my friends suggested at 7am and waited for them to open for the day. A client drove down from upstate New York to meet me after years of online correspondence and transactions. We got to catch up for a few hours and I always enjoy connecting a name with a face from our online community.

After breakfast I got over to Germ’s and the lack of sleep started to set in. He had plans for us to hit the Turkish Russian Bathhouse with some friends and an adventure to the suburbs ensued. We made our way through a series of wet and dry heated rooms as well as an ice room I went in and a few ice baths I skipped. The group went back in for a second cycle while I napped on a restaurant booth upstairs.

We met friends RJ and Rachel for drinks before bed on the early side of the night, because Tuesday would be a serious studio sesh. Upon arriving at Germ’s familiar backyard, a place that I have been staying for years with Germ and previously Slinger when he lived next door, we stepped out back for a smoke. Everything seemed normal and then I heard what I thought were fireworks and they were not far away. Then again, followed by silence for a few. As I began to try to process what was happening Germ and I heard two unmistakable gun shots at the corner. The experience was surreal. We went inside. Drive by shooting. One dead. Two wounded. Sirens ensued.

Germ recently built a new studio in Kensington and I got to jam on collaborations with him and his new shopmate Catfish Jawn. It was a privilege to be hosted by such a special friend, and now that Germ got his Vertigo lathe I felt right at home during my stay, despite cursing up a storm in response to the way my friend has his machine outfitted. Despite all the “fucks” I let loose I had a great time and we made some cool cups. Word is Germ got the saliva reducers to replace his mouthpiece so things should be better next time.

Wednesday morning I got on a train to NYC for brunch with Whiskey Craig. We grabbed a diner breakfast and then got the train up to Connecticut together. The day was spent at Stoked CT planning our upcoming show that will occur on May 6. It’s going to be a party you don’t want to miss, and we will have a flyer and more details coming out soon!

That night we took the train back to the city and I got settled in at Yoni’s. We laughed together as we reminisced on 2014 when I was homeless in NYC if not for the hospitality of Yoni and Whiskey Craig. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since those days.

Thursday morning I stopped by Central Park to reflect on my past year. At this time and for most of the week I’m listening to “A Tooth For An Eye” by The Knife on repeat. I start thinking about running the Central Park 6 Mile Loop. Back in the peak of my time in the city I used to run it up to 3-4 times a week. That was the most challenging year of my life. Running helped.

I went over to Joel’s wood shop in Red Hook. I admire Joel and his work, and cherish the time I get to spend at his space. I bumped into a few legendary makers that share the space. I’ve known these guys for years through Joel, and their work never ceases to amaze me. I feel privileged to see behind the scenes into such a special work space.

Friday was my birthday. I woke up and after taking some calls I decided it was time to run the 6 mile loop again. I wouldn’t say I regret the decision but as my friend who is a physical therapist reminded me after “that was a bad idea”. I ran 4-5 miles of the loop in under 50 minutes, and then walked the last mile or two. I’ll admit that it didn’t feel great during or after the fact, but I’m glad I did it.

Then it was lunch at KazuNori with Whiskey Craig and my last real employer Kevin from Gramercy Wine. We had a nice catch-up at the home of the original hand rolls and some incredible lunch.

I made my way to an Irish Pub to meet some friends and bounced around the city during St. Patrick’s celebrations before we met the group at dinner downtown. We had planned for Wu’s the Wonton King but due to a mishap ended up at a Pho spot with a squad. Friends from various circles of my life gathered together for a lovely dinner before some of us went out to Brooklyn to dance at Public Records. Joel, Meghan and I were 3 of the first ten people on the dance floor and before long the dance floor was packed. The sound system took everything to another level with some of the best quality audio I’ve experienced. Beats ranged from funk and gospel to deep house and unlike any EDM show the set was completely vinyl dating back to an obscure track Joel Shazammed from 1983 ultra rare vinyl and likely even older cuts. A few hours in I found a lovely dance partner and we danced into the early morning after all my friends had left.

Saturday started with brunch in the park followed by a walk around Brooklyn. My legs were not happy but the weather has been great and I was thrilled to be out and about in the city again. I sure do miss this place sometimes and coming back helps reinvigorate my soul. I saw a few friends and then Yoni, Margarita and I went to a choral sound bath at a church in Columbus Circle. The experience was extremely out of the ordinary and I’m glad Margarita found something so cool just across the street! A choir of 30 or so was accompanied by a pianist, a few strings, and an assortment of singing bowls, gongs and other sound makers. I spent 60 of the 90 minutes in complete relaxation on the ground of the cathedral, before I became a bit antsy and ready for dinner. After the sound bath we went to The Smith for a delicious dinner before a relatively early night to bed.

Sunday brunch at Sadelle’s has become a tradition dating back to my time living with Yoni years ago. Today’s edition was phenomenal and I was joined by Yoni, Margarita and Joel. I cherish the time I get to spend with my friends, amidst a life of semi-isolation in the mountains of Vail.

I wish I had time to share more here today, but I need to be present for my last day in the city with my friends before I return home.

33 is my Boro year, correlated to the Coefficient of Expansion number of borosilicate glass. It is also my Boro-Mitzvah this year, as I started working with glass 13 years ago. I feel the significance of this time, although I can’t exactly identify what that means. I am confident that I am in the right place and on the right track, a feeling that has me feeling inspired and motivated more than ever before.

As always thanks for being a part of my journey and tuning in. Enjoy your Sunday.


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