Sunday 2/14/21

Sunday 2/14/21

February 14, 2021

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol this week.

I didn’t snowboard either.

I’ve been at the studio every day, and I’ve even blown glass a bit. Mostly that’s been great, except for the four hours I put into a mug that blew up when I made a mistake attaching the handle. Sometimes that’s the way it goes.

I have been making at least a few twisty cups a day including some collaborations with Rob who has also been crushing out cups for the show. I really focused in on bubble trap marias this week, and they’re finally coming out the way I want… most of the time. It’s a quick challenging process that has been fun, and looks great when properly executed. I also squeezed one in with some prep from Firekist that you can see in the show next Saturday.

The Fourth Annual Vail Cup Collectors Club is less than a week away, and for the first time will be held online instead of here at Bat Country Studios. We have been preparing everything at the studio and there is only one VIP ticket remaining. Some of the cups are still being made, but I have seen most of what will be in the show and it really blows the last few years away! I have never been more excited for a body of work to come together.

A few of the artists from Colorado will be here at the studio during the live stream hanging out and blowing glass while we show off the craziest cups of the year so far. After our VIP zoom room we will be live on Instagram at 6 PM MST next Saturday for everyone to see the work.

I have been coordinating all week with the artists on the lineup, as well as the VIP collectors in preparation for the show. My assistant Taylor and I will be flying much of the work to our clients in the next few weeks and we have been making arrangements to do so.

Speaking of traveling (something I have not done for a LONG time) I will be in LA quickly to attend the Lifted Cups Show at Lifted Veil Gallery in a few weeks. I am looking forward to connecting with some friends and clients (socially distanced of course). Sometimes I get locked down in the routine of life and I always appreciate a good reset now and then.

Aside from work this week I did make time for a hike with an old friend who visited. It was the only real time I spent outside and away from my phone this week, and it was great.


We released some fresh cups from an up and comer who goes by Diggs working up in Fort Collins. All but two cups and a set sold right away, so if you’re looking to get in before the next batch when prices go up don’t sleep on this kid. This batch was a huge improvement from his first release with us last year and he told me he’s eager to make more cups.

EWGG moved fast as always but we do have some special sets that are not yet listed. This time they sent me matching pairs of mugs and tall boys in sets of four, which we are offering in three different color options. They probably won’t go live on the site before the show, but if you are interested just send us a message to lock down a set.

For everything else on deck you will need to scoop the last VIP ticket for the VCCC or tune into the Instagram live stream to see what’s not sold in the VIP zoom room.

As always thanks for your support! I would never be able to do this on my own. I'll be spending the rest of the day on the torch, and hopefully much of the next week before the show doing the same. 


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