Sunday 11/20/22

Sunday 11/20/22

November 20, 2022

On Sundays I reflect. 
I didn’t drink alcohol this week. I gave up drinking a few years ago, but recently I found myself having a beer a week, and there have been some occasions like weddings where I have had more than just a beer. It’s better when I don’t drink, and honestly for the last few weeks I have been too busy to even think about having a beer. 
It’s ski season. I’ve been out 5 or 6 times since opening day last Friday. We actually got some early season powder making it surprisingly fun to ride. I got a new powder board from my neighbors Weston, who specifically do not sponsor me. I’m excited to take out my new Japow when we get more snow!
I’ve been on the torch wrapping up my last projects of the year, most of which have already been purchased. I am so grateful for the support of my art in addition to the support you all show for my business. I don’t get to make very much work and every piece I’m able to produce is truly a piece of me. I’m hoping to get to a few more projects on the torch before the year ends, but we’ll see. 
Thanks to help from my team Marta and Eric I’ll be able to spend Thanksgiving with my family this year. Black Friday sales will be live on the website and Eric will be live streaming from the studio where Marta will help him process all the orders and make sure everything gets to the right people. We’re hoping to get one more batch of products uploaded to the site by then, if Graham can get us the photo edits on time. 
We have a giveaway going live on Instagram today with our friends at Dialed In for a fully worked cup I made recently. Don’t miss out on a chance to win one of the few fully worked solo cups I’ve been able to make this year, and check out our awesome friends Dialed In for my favorite gummies and now liquid in Colorado!
“I have a coupon you can use at the dispensary when you come home for Thanksgiving” my mom told me. Never in a million years did I expect to hear that, but times have changed I guess. We’re living in the future now. 
After Thanksgiving I’ll be attending Miami Art Week often referred to as Basel after the main event. This will be my fifth or sixth year attending, and the other day I was thinking back to my past experiences down there. After years of trying to produce an event as part of the experience, this year the Miami Cup Collectors Club will be taking place for the first time on a yacht we have arranged. I will also be showing work at SCOPE with Glass2Grass which will be an extraordinary display of glass art within the context of the fine art world. I am honored to be included in the incredible lineup they have planned. 
And as always, there will be dance parties. I don’t go out much where I live. I also don’t go out in Denver much. I much prefer NYC and Miami if I’m going to “go out” and at home I like to be at my studio even if I’m not working or on the ski hill. Different vibes in different places. I guess I compartmentalize. 
Speaking of preferring to be at my studio to going out in Vail, we just got a massage chair from my chiropractor (he upgraded his) and once we get it set up at my studio I’ll probably never leave again. Between the new floral couch and now the massage chair I can honestly say dreams do come true if you work hard!
I mentioned I have been torching more lately. Last week I made a few pipes that got scooped right away by some awesome clients. I will be making a few more before the end of the year and I sent prep to a friend to make some collab pipes too that hopefully will get done before the end of the year. I’m also hoping to get one more fully worked solo cup in before the year ends, but we’ll see if I get through all the collaborations on my plate. 
Speaking of, I need to get to the studio and get crankin’ before my trip. Tune in for Sunday Specials to see the fresh work we got this week and thanks for tuning in!
Enjoy your Sunday,

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