Sunday 11/19/23

Sunday 11/19/23

November 19, 2023

On Sundays I reflect. 


I didn’t drink alcohol this week. I’m feeling proud of myself for that. Thankfully, I’ve been so busy it’s hardly been on my mind. 


This is going to be a longer update as I write from Evergreen this morning after wrapping up a collaboration with Ubatuba yesterday. 


I have so much to write about but first I need to take a step back. A very special thank you to everyone who bought something over the last few weeks to specifically help with our studio expansion build out. Construction is complete! We added a new work station at the studio for Stan just in time for him to get back to town and turn on his torches. This project has been expensive and has required help from just about every friend we have in the Vail Valley but after a long hard month we are finally finished. We’re not out of the woods yet though because I still owe a few people some money so right now every sale on the site is helping with that. 


On Thursday we released a batch of Thick Bottom Retti Pints from GeoffMade and Holdin Golden featuring the juiciest colors from Molten Aura. The drop sold out in under an hour (at 6am EST) in our fastest sellout so far. I’m so proud of the Texas Thick Boys for pushing this product line along and creating some of the most coveted cups on the market. I really can’t wait to show you what they made for the Miami Cup Collectors Club!


Speaking of Miami, our show is just over two weeks away and early bird tickets are still available here: Make sure to grab a ticket before the price goes up!


I’ve never been more excited for one of my shows as I am for Miami. We have a huge crew flying down to Florida from around the country to produce a one night only show that will feature some of the most exciting artwork I have been able to curate. In addition to our release of Art Deco drinkware at the show we will have sculptural work, paintings, live performance art and Charlie from Soul Clap providing musical vibes along with a few other special surprises and guests. 


Amidst all the other chaos in life right now I made time this week to complete my solo submission for the Miami Cup Collectors Club. I decided to tackle my first sake set and pushed myself to try something new. Among the challenges for this set was the opportunity to attempt to make two cups that match each other as close to identical as possible which gave me great anxiety throughout the project. Upon completion I’m thrilled to say the cups are some of my closest matched cups I’ve ever made. I have some critiques about the set but overall I am thrilled to have accomplished such a feat and to be able to share that work with you in Miami. 


Despite many challenges lately that seem to be testing me, I am feeling very good for a change. I got on my snowboard this week. I got on my torch this week. I got to collaborate this week. I am so privileged to be living this life and for that I am extremely grateful. 


After spending the entire day at Ubatuba’s studio yesterday making our collaboration for Miami we headed down to Denver. We made a quick stop by the Purple Haze gallery downtown to check out Artist Stylie’s show before heading to A5 for dinner with Justin Carter and Liz Wright who are in town for the Certo class this weekend. I was starving and exhausted by that point but it was so nice to get to catch up with some of the heaviest hitters in the scene. 


Before I wrap this one up I need to take some time to thank my team for their support. I have had more on my plate the last few weeks than ever before in my life between construction and planning this show on top of the rest of the normal stuff I work on. I would not be able to accomplish any of this without my team and I am so extremely grateful to have their support. 


Chef Marta has been recovering from a knee injury but has made sure that there has been food for the team and that the studio operations are all running smooth. Eric has been up and down the hill helping with all kinds of logistics for Miami and beyond. He’s getting ready to spend a lot more time in Vail this winter. Stan just got back from spending a month with family in Louisiana and with his new work station he is eager to get back to crushing cups at Bat Country Studios. NüBen spent the entire month of off season at the studio improving his skills and helping in literally every way he can find to contribute. Grace has edited more photos and videos this month than in her whole life combined and the list keeps growing. 


I am so proud of my team for the hard work they are putting in and the growth we are all experiencing together. Every day is a new challenge and we are all starting to understand our unique roles and how we can best contribute. It’s such a beautiful thing for me to watch this company grow. 


The last thing I’ll mention before I get on with my drive home is that I’ve been talking to a woman recently who makes me happy. For most of the last decade I’ve felt “married to my work” which put my dating life on a bit of a hold. Recently I was introduced to someone whom I have enjoyed getting to know and for the first time in a long time I feel like I can separate myself from my work life a little bit at a time to make space for personal relationships. I’ve struggled with balance between work and life as long as I can remember but finally it feels like I’m starting to make some head way. 


So it’s been an exciting week and I’ve almost checked everything off my list before I’m able to go spend Thanksgiving with my family. I’m going to try to be mindful about being present when I’m there. The team will be running our Black Friday specials from the studio while I’m away so please tune in and share some holiday love with them and take advantage of our biggest sale of the year!


It is a very exciting time and I appreciate you tuning in and supporting the journey. As always thanks, and enjoy your Sunday. 


Last but not least we have some Sunday Specials for you!





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