Sunday 11/15/20

Sunday 11/15/20

November 15, 2020

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol this week.

I have had a concussion all week. It has been rather unpleasant and highly disruptive of my productivity. I had a vasovagal episode last weekend, resulting in me blacking out in my bedroom and hitting my head on probably my nightstand on my way to the ground. I learned that vasovagal syncope episodes run in my family. I suspect this is what happened to my Grandpa when he hit his head while showering years ago, ultimately resulting in his death.

So I have been thinking about that a lot this week, between the headaches and the overall exhaustion.

Without my team, Drinking Vessels would not have been operational this week. For them I am grateful.

I was planning to get over to Keystone or Breckenridge for some early season laps on my board but decided against it with my concussion. Vail opens this Friday, and I am hoping to be good to go by then. The resorts have a new reservation system required for getting on the hills, which I hope will not become too much of a burden to enjoy boarding!

I haven’t been able to work out since my concussion, but I am hoping to get back to my routine next week as well. I haven’t blown glass all week - despite wanting to work on a commission I received as well as holiday gifts. Today I think I will make a few things, but we will see how I feel when I turn on my torch. I am definitely feeling better thanks to tylenol, magnesium, and rest. I am eager to blow glass and snowboard, but I am not going to rush into anything. 

My electrician came by this week and construction of our studio kitchen is underway. Our goal is to have it ready by December, which is coming up quick. Our next step is to patch the walls and prime then paint. After the paint dries we will build a counter and shelving, and eventually install some cabinets. Our oven is running so we have upgraded from the hot plate to a real stove top. The fridge is out of the office, and the photo booth is off the floor. Things are coming along.

I have a few special guests coming to town soon, but first I need to mention my dude Famous Todd @donchileortega for staying with me after my concussion. Todd drove me to and from the studio for a few days, as well as to my follow up doctor’s appointment. It was a big relief to have someone around those first few days when I was in really bad shape. He also whipped up a Tiki shot glass at the studio, and a few ornaments for my team. Todd is one of my oldest friends in the industry and I cherish the time we get to spend together even if I was concussed. 

We have a special surprise guest coming this week after we had to reschedule. More importantly, my brother Jon will be flying out next weekend to help me prepare for Black Friday and the holidays. Typically we spend Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with family, but this year those plans were cancelled. I am glad that my brother will be able to spend the holiday out here with me, but we will both miss our extended family. It looks like he and I will get some days on the hill together which is one of our favorite brotherly activities. Hopefully he has time to get on the torch as well. the last time he got on the torch he made his coolest creation, a tchotchke that sits on the desk in my office. 

Let’s do a little CUPDATE before I wrap this one up.

I received the second collaborative pint from Stephan Peirce @stephan_peirce and N8 @nathan_miers in the mail yesterday. This one features Royal Jelly instead of Metaterrania used in the first pint. Both cups feature Lotus White lip wraps and the Royal Jelly cup has an extra band of space and an extra band of color than the first, coming in at 17 oz. The first has sold, and both are some of my favorites I have ever seen.

I also got a box from Nate @senoih an old friend of mine from Florida. I sold out of his shot glasses months ago and he just send me my first batch of his full size cups. Ranging from 12-16 oz and featuring fun faces I am excited to have these in stock and hopefully on the website soon!

We got a few new cups from Rob @logglass up on the site this week too, including my favorite mug he has made so far. Checkout the Opal Handle Rad & Aqua Mug!

Most of the EWGG @edwolfesgotglass sold out but we did manage to get a few new ones on the site and I am told there will be another box coming before Black Friday!

If I forgot to mention, we got a restock from Kim @busywashingmyhair of the Watermelon Tumblers and she told me she will be making me a Watermelon Pitcher or two!

So that’s it for this week, but jump over to Instagram if you want to spin the Sunday Special Deal Wheel for $100. If 10 people spin we will give away a free spin too!

Enjoy your Sunday,


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