Sunday 11/1/20

Sunday 11/1/20

November 01, 2020

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol this week. 

I have to make a correction to last week’s essay. I claimed that I have not bought clothes since college and I forgot about my Melanzana @melanzana_leadville collection. Maybe its because I wear them every day, both fleece pants and multiple top layers. It would be fair to say that I rarely buy myself new clothes. My friend Molly made fun of me for it the other day on the phone. I am more concerned with being comfortable than looking the part. 

I bought another piece of clothing online this week. If you know me at all you know that means overcoming many obstacles. This week it was a shirt I saw from my friend Jerry’s company @fromny that he started when I was living in NYC. Jerry scooped some of my earliest cups years ago, and it felt great to be able to support his brand. We will be featuring his shirt in content coming soon!

I can’t believe it is November. This year has really been flying by. I have so many projects I am trying to accomplish before the end of the year. I recognize I will not get to all of them, but I will work as hard as I can to get through as much as I can. We have been working on expanding next door building a kitchen. Now we are waiting for my electrician to run some outlets for us, then we prime the walls and build a counter, shelving, and cabinets. Hopefully our kitchen is operational for cooking and photo shoots by December!

I did find some time to make some twisty cups this week. They have all been gifted or sold, but I think I will get on the torch today and make some more. Our Sunday Specials are already rolling so I will have to make time between fulfilling orders and spinning our deal wheel once I get to the studio. Tune into our Instagram or Facebook pages for your spin at the $100 Holler Deal Wheel with prizes ranging in value from $100-200.

I apologize, but today I am a bit distracted from writing this essay. I’ll be happy to share a quick CUPDATE with you before I head over to the studio though!

Jones is back! Rashan Jones @jonesofig is set to bring me a big box of cups in just over a week, after what feels like years of being without his work. His squiggle cups are some of my favorite on the market at $100 or under, and I am eager to bring them back. Hopefully he also brings some stemware, an area that I am severely lacking in my inventory. Jones has been a cup crusher in Albuquerque for years, and you’ll definitely want to keep tuned in for his fresh drop coming up!

EWGG @edwolfesgotglass has a fresh box of tall bois (and maybe more mugs) that I’m told will be coming this week. I was sent a sneak peak of the colors for the batch, and don’t want you to be surprised if I keep some for myself. Lots of good stuff coming!

Skinny got all current inventory uploaded to the website this week. This includes Stephan Peirce @stephan_peirce latest solo pint glass, however his first collaboration with N8 @nathan_miers already found a home. Stephan completed the second pint with N8 this time featuring Royal Jelly as an accent color, and it will be on it’s way to me this week as well. The second cup has not yet sold, but a few offers are in and I am not expecting it to be around for long.

Shown in the photo today is the 2017 collaboration from True Krunk @truekrunk and Eusheen @eusheen which is heading home with my client and friend Willie from Chicago. Willie went on a mission for me this week, driving up to Michigan to obtain my order from Tim Drier @driertim who prefers not to ship. Willie will be bringing my box of Tim's cups this month, and he claims he will help with construction of our kitchen. We'll see!

I have one collaboration with Rob @logglass remaining, which should make it to the website this week! Somebody got one in yesterday’s REEL DEAL on Instagram featuring Rob’s Spooky Season black and orange pattern. Rob also has some fresh solos on the site in a few different styles. 

Speaking of cups, I need to get rolling to the studio but thanks for tuning in and enjoy your Sunday!


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