Sunday 10/9/22

Sunday 10/9/22

October 09, 2022

On Sundays I reflect. 
I had a few beers at my popup in Austin Texas Thursday, as a celebration of our first out of state show this year. 
Last Sunday I flew to Houston to celebrate the wedding of my dear friend Andrew “Q Factor” Gandersman to his wife Sharon. The event was beautiful and I couldn’t be happier for the newlyweds. 
Another friend of mine, Ian “Holdin Golden” Silverman purchased my latest ash tray sculpture as a wedding gift, and I could not be more honored to have number three in such a special home. 
After the wedding Ian drove me to Austin where we began preparing for the popup at Smoke ATX. Special thanks to Jacob and Eddie for hosting such a wonderful event. Also thanks to Geoff and Dani for hosting me at their studio and making time and space for me to get some of my favorite collaborations I have ever made completed. All three of the cups we made last week found homes at the popup show, along with lots of other amazing cups. 
On Tuesday evening I attended Yom Kippur services and began my fast, right in the middle of crush mode. The temple I attended was victimized by arsonists last year, so we met in a church with heightened security. It certainly gave me a slight feeling of insecurity, though everything was fine fortunately. 
Wednesday my friend Boots and I went for a walk at the Green Belt which sadly was dry but still a lovely little walk. I wasn’t on my phone most of the day, as a way of practicing mindfulness on such a holy day. I spent the day exploring my behavior over the last year and considering who I have wronged. Gina helped me come up with some solutions for moving forward and making things right. I’m so grateful for her friendship. 
Now I’m in Madeira Beach Florida with my dad and brother for a guys weekend together. We were able to see the Imagine Museum which is completely dedicated to glass art and was a phenomenal exhibit. We spent some time on the beach and went for a short hike between some great meals together, and now we’re getting ready to see the Dali Museum. 
I’m eager to learn more about Dali and his work, an artist who has always had my interest as long as I can remember and whom I know very little about. Yesterday I was able to share context and background about much of the art work and artists at the Imagine Museum with my dad and brother. Today I’ll be learning as much if not more than them. 
We’ve spent some time discussing my dad’s work as a Rabbi and how his life is changing as he shifts from his pulpit into his other job as a high school teacher. He’s been making time for gardening and writing as well as spending time with our mom. 
We have been chatting about my brother’s job with the Knight Foundation in Miami along with the idea he and his wife have for a startup business down there which they hope to create on the side of their primary jobs. I’m not ready to share what exactly that is yet, but I am very excited for them to get their idea off the ground and to share it with you all. 
This is probably the longest I have gone without smoking weed in a few years or maybe a decade. I decided to take a break while spending time with my family on this trip. It hasn’t been very noticeable to me, and I’m enjoying my time with my brother and father. 
We’ve all been able to mostly stay off our phones, and be fully present with each other. This is a challenge I think a lot of us face, not only with family but in all of our interactions. I hope this break will help me to be mindful of this and allow me to be more aware of my attachment to my devices in order to work on being less tethered to my devices and the constant notifications and communications that comes with them. 
And now I have to cut the blog short to get off my phone and get back to being present with my family. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and supported in Austin, and thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and my company over the years. I feel privileged to be able to finally take some time away to be with my family, and I couldn’t be more grateful for your support. 
Enjoy your Sunday,

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