Sunday 10/25/20

Sunday 10/25/20

October 25, 2020

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol this week.

It was one hell of a week.

I bought myself new clothes for the first time in a very long time. One of my favorite brands The Hundreds @thehundreds released their winter collection and a few pieces got me excited enough to scoop. It helped that I have traded the owner a cup for a pair of shorts and he hooked me up with a discount code! I think the last time I bought new clothes was in college ten years ago. I also bought The Hundreds brand back then, and got my money’s worth and then some. There is nothing like being comfortable in clothes that fit right!

I drove down to Denver to run some errands, and to spend time with Matt @thelittleglassgallery and Des @desstinyhope who was having another tattoo session. I delivered the Stephan Peirce @stephan_peirce Rye @ryeglass collaboration bottle that matches the mug that introduced Matt and I years ago.

Matt had bought a few things from me, and when he found out Stephan and Rye were making a mug together a few years ago he asked me to lock it down for him. I told him I would fly it to California for him so that we could meet. That transaction began a very special friendship.

Since then Matt has been trying to obtain the matching bottle, and finally I was able to make it happen. Recently he acquired my Trashterpiece, and I am so happy that he is the person who ended up with it. He told me that his friends had offered to pay him more than he paid me for my creation, and that he would not sell it. He did suggest that I make something similar for his friends, though we all know it will be unique in every way from the original.

We spent most of the afternoon catching up, followed by brunch the next day at the Denver Biscuit Co – a tradition I enjoy on each of Matt and Des’ visits to Denver.

I then headed to Everdream @everdreamstudio on my way back to the mountains. N8 @nathan_miers and Stephan Peirce’s first pint glass has been completed and sold, but there is another in the works. I spent the day catching up with the Everdream guys as well as a few guests including Quave @quaveglass and Matt @radglass who are visiting.

My client made the trip up to see me from Austin Texas, so I had to get back to the studio. He traded me a vinyl plotter so we can create custom stencils for sandblasting and other projects. We hung out at the studio this weekend and he took home a few new cups for the collection. His friend scooped his first cup too, which happened to be a heater from Matty B @mattybglass made a few months ago!

And today I have been packing boxes at the studio from our Sunday Special, the $100 Holler Wheel Deal. There is still some time left if you want a spin on the wheel just give us a shout.


Here is a real quick highlight of what’s new this week.

EWGG @edwolfesgotglass sent a box of mugs that are moving fast, but any of them left when Skinny comes to shoot will get up on the site ASAP. The colors are LOUD this time around!

I also got my hands on a Jason Lee @jasonleeglass mug from 2010 from my friends @jaded_collective in Chicago. This piece of history should be live on the site tomorrow for MUG MONDAY.

Rob has been pulling new patterns and making his classic tumblers, as well as wrap and rake tumblers. This week he combined the two to bring some epic fully worked cocktail cups. Those will be up on the site this week too.

So thanks for tuning in. I am looking forward to the week ahead and getting more torch time in. Rob @logglass and I did manage to make one collaboration in last night (a 21.5 oz. twisty pint) that will be available this week on the site and hopefully I can get a few more things made to list next week! 

Enjoy your Sunday


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