Sunday 10/1/23

Sunday 10/1/23

October 01, 2023

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol again this week. I had one temptation last night to have a beer while I was out with friends. I quickly made the decision to abstain. I probably would have had more than one at the bar after if I started at dinner. It’s a slippery slope.

We’ve been working on construction and studio expansion at Bat Country Studios. NüBen and Stan spent a day building a new bench and another day extending our gas lines. One more day was spent by our whole team finishing everything and cleaning up, and now all that’s left is ventilation. We are adding another fan, hood, and ducting to add two new work spaces to our studio.

Oh yeah, and we got another lathe!

Stan will start working on the new lathe here soon after construction, which means NüBen will start training on the Heatheway to assist with production.

It’s a very exciting time!

Our new renter Ryan made his first shot glass since moving in and hopefully he will keep developing his own line of drinkware. He also might start helping with our in house production line.

Amidst all of this, in the background Grace and I have been preparing for the Philly Cup Collectors Club next weekend. We can’t wait to be at Ruckus Gallery this time next week celebrating cup culture with all our East Coast crew. This show has been in the works for over two years and I truly am thrilled to be putting this on with our old friends. We hope to see you there!

After Philly we have some exciting new releases coming your way. On October 15 we will be releasing a batch of Spooky SZN cups from our friend Truchalk including a collaboration with me and another with Flex.

In November we’re going to release a batch of Bard’s latest creations before Thanksgiving and then we’ll be heading down to Miami in December for Art Basel and the Miami Cup Collectors Club.

It’s kind of surreal feeling right now as all these things we have been working on for many years are starting to fall into place. I feel extremely grateful to be here.

So I was at a taco spot in Vail with friends who came to see the leaves yesterday. It’s one of the most beautiful times of the year here. I noticed a wedding party in the back room and said something to my friends. Moments later a woman I haven’t seen in a decade walked past me and recognized me. We had grown up together and went to college together. Turns out another girl that was my neighbor in college was getting married in Vail and I knew half the bridal party.

I caught up with old friends, who couldn’t believe I currently live in Vail where I make my art and have the privilege of representing so many other amazing artists. It was another surreal experience for me.

Almost everyone I know from growing up and college is on “the trajectory”. You know, they’re walking the path like normal humans with jobs and families. My perception is that most of them don’t even know someone pursuing art as a full time lifestyle.

On the contrast many of my maker friends have never had a “real job” and live an alternative lifestyle. At this point I’m spending very little time with “normal” people that are not makers and creatives. I’ve noticed over the last few years how out of touch I am with that other world, and I find it to be challenging to try to function there.

I couldn’t imagine any life for me other than that which I am living. It feels good to say that, and it’s also a major challenge I interact with. The haircut seems to be helping me to blend into society a bit better. I’ve noticed a difference in the way people engage with me in just a few short weeks. I can’t decide how I feel about that, but I know it’s good for business and my career. Sometimes that’s the sacrifice.

I want to write more about this all, but I’m feeling the need to get my day going. I have some work around the studio and some Sunday Specials to offer. If you can’t tune in on Instagram Live check out the link here for some special selections!

As always thanks for tuning in and enjoy your Sunday. We hope to see you in Philadelphia next weekend, and appreciate you being a part of the journey.


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