Sunday 1/27/19

Sunday 1/27/19

January 27, 2019

On Sundays I reflect.

I chose not to drink alcohol this week. The last time I had a drink was June 1 and I decided to quit drinking last March 18, the day after my 28th birthday. At $5 a day for a beer over the last ten months I've saved at least $1500. I would consider that a low estimate of my financial savings.

We've had over 30" of snow up here in Vail this past week, and the back bowls have been magnificent. This season has already more that made up for the last two. Two years ago I broke my hand on the hill in December and last year we got no snow. I'm in a winter wonderland this year and I couldn't be happier.

I recently had a meeting with the owner of Melanzana, a fleece clothing company in Leadville that does not do online sales and has not other retail outlets beyond their brick and mortar location. The only way to get their products is to drive to Leadville (two hours from Denver) and purchase them at the store. Every article of clothing is hand sewn in the same facility, and their clothes are my absolute favorite. I wear them every day. I asked them to sponsor me and was told no (they can't keep up with current demand). I asked them to feature a photo of me in their women's dress, and was again told no. I'm not deterred. He concluded our meeting by telling me that I had zero percent influence on their brand, styles, colors, or designs. We laughed for most of the hour that we chatted, and I look forward to hitting the hill with Fritz.

It's been great having Gina Gaffner @glassbyboots in the studio getting ready for my show. She's been working on some trophies for an international vegetable growing competition, with some drinkware sprinkled in between. We even made a pepper pipe together that's still available. Blake Wingard @glass_by_blake came up for the weekend to snowboard and brought his submission for the show; his first sunflower cup EVER to be up for sale. He and I are currently discussing what we'll make together for the show and I'll probably start on our collaboration today.

I'm running out of things to say again so I think this is approaching the end. I don't feel like I have shared much insight today, but I'm so distracted getting ready for my show I can't really get my head in the writing game. Sorry.

Have a great Sunday!

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