Sunday 1/14/24

Sunday 1/14/24

January 14, 2024

On Sundays I reflect. 


This week I had a beer after riding one of the deepest powder days of my life at Park City Utah with my dude Ian aka Holdin Golden. I’m glad I only had one, and I didn’t even finish it. 


My battle with smoking is definitely still a struggle but I’m making progress. It’s going to be a hard year. 


I got on the torch this week for a bit, and I got on my snowboard this week. Today is going to be one of the best days of the season (hopefully) on Vail. 


I drove to Utah spontaneously to shred with Ian and his father, who invited me to join at their ski in ski out rental. Barry also shared some business advice with me that I need more of, and hopefully will be a resource to me moving forward to learn more from. 


We had to do some hiking to find the goods, but thanks to my dude Joel “Savage” Seigle we found the Jupiter bowl and got some absolute powder surfing done in an all double black diamond zone. It was absolutely gnarly. 


I got a speeding ticket crossing into Utah from Colorado. That was shitty. 


My girlfriend’s sister and her friend came to see my studio and we got to have dinner together thanks to Chef Marta. 


I took some laps at Vail with my girlfriend’s brother. He’s a shredder and for half the day had a bloody forehead from a fall he took but that wasn’t stopping him. 


I taught Red Cliff Stan how to make fumed twisty cups this week before Utah and he got 3 of his first ever made while I was gone. He’s been pushing it in every way and absolutely crushing in the studio. He has over a year sober from alcohol and tells me frequently that glass and our studio keeps him sober. I feel more proud of this accomplishment than most anything else, being able to provide a space for people who are struggling and helping make their lives better. 


Grace hasn’t been drinking for the last few weeks and if you’ve been tuned into our social media you’ve been seeing the killer content she’s been making. Hopefully she joins us on the hill today and we’ll all be at the studio after we ride. 


NüBen is on the chillum crush and after chatting with his dad we have finally developed a plan to turn the office into a gallery, finally. There are huge things on the horizon and I’m super proud of how far the kid has come. 


Eric and I have been driving for the black car service in between everything, or in Eric’s case driving around the clock and fitting everything else in between rides. It’s been hectic as the snow increases and we are prepping for Glass Vegas, but the money is great and we’re meeting some of the most interesting people. 


All in all, things are feeling really good. The studio is thriving and I’m making time for my personal life for the first time in almost a decade. I’ve been able to spend time on FaceTime with my girlfriend between it all, and every day I’m more excited than the day before to have her in my life. Our relationship is long distance but we’re starting to firm up plans to be together every few weeks and I’m thrilled about it. 


2024 has started off great! I have a lot of work to do on myself, and a lot of work to do on work. For the first time I think I’m creating a balance that will help me accomplish my goals. Every day is a challenge, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. 


I want to share more, but it’s time to get on the hill with Ian (and everyone I know) because it dumped here and there’s more snow on the way. 


As always thanks for tuning in. We wouldn’t be here without you. 



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