Sunday Reflections: Shrine Pass, Studio Naps, and VCCC 2020

Sunday Reflections: Shrine Pass, Studio Naps, and VCCC 2020

August 25, 2019

On Sundays I reflect. 

I didn’t drink alcohol this week. It’s almost been a year and a half since I quit. It hasn’t been an easy year and a half, but every week it seems to get a little easier not to drink. 

Yesterday we set up a booth at the Minturn Market where my shop mates Jon Weiss and Rob Retza demonstrated glass blowing. After a nap, Rob, J. Cost and I went over to Prosit Avon to keep the demos going for a slightly early Oktoberfest celebration (in August). 

The Shakedown

I’ve got a friend named Vincent Van Grow who recently harvested, and I’ll admit that there have been more than a couple “Van Grow Naps” this week on the couch at the studio. Summer winding down means it’s almost nice to blow glass during the day again, but we’re mostly working nights these days to beat the heat. 

This year I joined the Vail Valley Partnership, our chamber of commerce. We had a mixer this week that I attended, where I met other business owners from the valley. I did not win the free rug that might have really tied the room together, but I made connections for future projects that I’m looking forward to. 

Speaking of future projects, I’ve spearheaded a campaign to create a Minturn Arts District. We are in very initial stages of bringing this vision to life, but things are looking good! There is excitement from the town and it’s local artists, so we’re developing a proposal this week and applying for some grants. 

The highlight of the week was taking my truck up Shrine Pass a few days ago. I tried to get a friend to join me, but when everyone was busy I went by myself anyways. I love Colorado, especially the mountains around where I live. My drive to work never gets old, and every time I step outside of the studio I’m reminded how astonishing the earth is. It’s the contrast I needed from the suburbs where I grew up. 

I’ve said it before, but I fucking hate the suburbs. Driving down that two lane road along the river from my studio South out of town, getting to those cliffs and curves that lead to the bridge above Red Cliff; there’s nothing like that to me. Red Cliff is a cool little town seven miles from my shop towards Leadville. They don’t have a gas station but they do have a post office, a liquor store, and a bar. If you live in Red Cliff you could argue that you have the best backyard in the world, even though your house is on top of two or three others. 

Shrine Pass is a dirt road leaving town for ATVs and other off road vehicles. My family took a Polaris RZR up last summer but I’d never done it in a real car. In addition to the beauty that surrounded me, the drive itself is quite fun. I made a few pull offs to sit by the river and be alone in nature. I’m glad I did. 

I got some time in on the torch this week, and aside from a pair of pendant lights I’m almost caught up on all my custom orders. I’ve had a lot of shit hanging over my head for too long, and finally the list is nearing an end. What a relief!


A fresh batch of blues arrived from Ned Glassman after the last batch sold out the day I got it. I don’t expect this half dozen to last long so I ordered another six the day he shipped. 

I’ve been selling EWGG cups almost every day, but twenty mugs are in the mail. They’re working on more rainbow tie dye tumblers for me along with blue fadez and a new Rasta pattern. I added a pair of the rainbows and a pair of the blue fadez to my personal collection and they’re some of my favorites for daily drivers.

J. Cost and I spent the week outlining the beginnings of a street team that we're hoping to launch by next week. Stay tuned!

We confirmed a date for the 3rd Annual Vail Cup Collector's Club and started finalizing our lineup. Details are coming soon so you can put us on the calendar for February 2020. It’s going to be the biggest one yet, and even six months in advance I’m starting to get excited. I can’t tell you too much yet but I can say that Marcel left his snowboard here last year and he’s itching to get back to Vail. 

I never know how to end these things. 

Enjoy your Sunday!

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