Michigan Glass Project and Other Goodies | Sunday Reflection 7/28/19

Michigan Glass Project and Other Goodies | Sunday Reflection 7/28/19

July 28, 2019

On Sundays I reflect. I did not drink alcohol this week, bringing me close to a year and a half since I quit. I haven’t had time to write a reflection for the last few weeks, so I have a lot to catch you up on. 

Welcome to the Team

Three weeks ago my friend and graphic designer JCost moved to Vail from Alaska. He will be helping me at the studio, and using the space to create his art. It’s been a very intense orientation process and we’re finally starting to get a routine developed to make this project the best it can possibly be.

Up until now, this has been a one man show (along with the help of my brother behind the scenes in his free time). I feel that I have grown this as much as I can by myself, and I’m thrilled to finally have JCost on board. I’ll be sharing a blog post very soon to introduce him to all of you.

Michigan Glass Project 2019

Michigan Glass Project, Big Z, JRED


About a week after JCost arrived, we got in the car for my favorite event of the year; The Michigan Glass Project. This event raises money to bring back arts education into Detroit public schools. They accomplish this by gathering dozens of artists to create and auction off work to the public.

I donated a cup I made to the silent auction, and volunteered selling beer tickets and bartending. I also got to pickup some very special cups that I’ll share with you after our next photo shoot!

It was so good to catch up with so many of my friends; artists, collectors, and shop owners. I got to meet people I’ve been working with, or talking to on the internet, for years. I got to see a bong sell for just shy of $11,000 and 100% of that money will be donated to charity. It’s an overwhelming experience. 

I spent time watching my favorite glass artists work, and talking with them about everything glass. I bought some new tools and chatted with tool makers about our projects. I traded some cups for other art including my second handmade wallet from Libby Goines @libbygoines (now featuring credit card pockets)!


I got to talk with some of the best goblet makers in the world about cups including Robert Mickelsen @ramickelsen , Eric Goldschmidt @ericsglass , Stephan Peirce @stephan_peirce , and Tim Drier @driertim.


Gina Gaffner Glass by Boots, Ben Belgrad, Robert A Mickelsen


I got to hug some of my dearest friends like Gina @glassbyboots and Big Z @bigzglass. I got to toast my Stephan Peirce Mugs with other Cup Collectors around the show (even though mine was filled with lime seltzer). It felt like people around the show who were drinking out of handmade cups (which there were many) seemed excited just to show me the cups they were using, and I was equally as excited to see them. 


Back To The Studio

I’ve been torching almost every day, and I’m slowly getting through the projects that have piled up. I’ve still got a few things lined up in the queue, but I’m almost there. Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day. 


My family is visiting the mountains for a bit, and for the first time I’ve been able to hang out with them and really put work on hold. I sacrificed five years of my life to build my brand, working around the clock and rarely finding time to sleep or relax. It was worth it, but I’m working to transition into a lifestyle with more of a separation between life and work. Still trying to find a balance. 


My shop-mate Rob @logglass just got back from a trip to see his family in Wisconsin and he’s been in crush mode since his return! Jon @uncle_dubya_glass took July off (which was a good idea given how hot it’s been) but he’s coming back in August to regain the title of most entertaining man on Instagram. It’s also rumored Dan Hoffman will be stopping by on his way back to California in the near future and I have a few other collaborations lined up before summer ends.


Cups and Straws Show [Hickory Smoke Shop]

Life has been hectic, but I wish I could have made it to the Cups and Straws show hosted by Hickory Smoke Shop yesterday in Southern California. My dude stopped by and scooped a few heaters. I heard the show was packed and almost sold out! It’s exciting to see handmade glass drinkware gaining popularity day after day.


CUPDATE + Minturn Update

As for a CUPDATE there is so much to share.


I just got off the phone with Zach P @ouchkick about releasing some of the cups in his vault, dating back to the days when he considered trying to make it full time as a cup maker, over a decade ago.


Ned Glassman is wrapping up an order that should be here next week. Ed Wolfe’s  cups and mugs are on the way. I also heard Jason Gordon @gordons_glassware is almost done with our next drop!


My dude Dylan @wiggedoutart came to hang at the studio before Michigan. He and JCost painted a snowboard from Weston Backcountry Snowboards which we auctioned on Instagram. I even added a little llama to the scene! We’ve got big things planned with Dylan but in the meantime if you’re interested in owning your very own Wigged Out Art piece hit us up for details.


Lastly (maybe) I’ll be meeting with the Four Seasons Vail this week about working together on some projects that I’m very excited about. I’m pssionate about creating a community around art, as I see art as something that can bring people together.
We live in a time of enough divisiveness so I’m focused on inclusion and integration. Planning community events is a big part of what I do with my time and I’m looking forward to this new partnership. 


Thanks for tuning in. If you purchased a cup this week, thank you! If you haven’t, hit us up for help adding a new piece to your collection. This is shameless self promotion. I’m here to sell cups. 


Enjoy your Sunday. 

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