Sunday 1/6/2019

Sunday 1/6/2019

January 06, 2019

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn't drink alcohol this week. I had to add this sentence halfway through writing this essay because I'm almost at the point where I don't think about drinking. Next week is ten months since I quit, and it finally feels normal not to drink. It doesn't feel noteworthy to me that I didn't drink this week, until I think back to how I behaved while I was drinking.

Sorry to keep you waiting all day. I took some laps on our first powder day in a while with a friend which pushed back my weekly reflection. It was worth it. Tomorrow morning should be even better!

Gina Gaffner @glassbyboots is arriving this week to work in my studio before the Vail Cup Collectors Club next month. My brother is also coming out for a few days to help prepare for the show and take some laps on the hill. It's getting busy at the shop now that the holidays are over and the show is coming up. Tickets are still available, though my space is limited and I have under 30 remaining.

I've got a lot of new product to share with you, but I've been too busy to schedule a photo shoot. I'll be riding vail with my new photographer Reda @rruokyte tomorrow and we'll be scheduling a shoot soon. Again, sorry for the delay.

I made it up to Evergreen this week to hang out at Everdream Studio for Eusheen's birthday. Eush is a huge inspiration, and one of the coolest people I've met in the industry. We've been talking for over a year about a cup release through DV and it seems like that's right around the corner! After seeing some of the cups he's made, I can say I'm more excited for what he comes up with than most other things in the works.

It's really crazy for me to think about where I was last January, compared to where I'm at now. 2018 was a very successful year in many ways. It was also a great challenge. I feel ready to tackle 2019, now that my friend Alex gifted me a calendar so I know what's going on. He chose a pig themed calendar, which I haven't yet made up my mind about. It does, however do its job.

I'm starting to run out of interesting things to say. I guess that's that. I've included my favorite image of the week from my shopmate Jon @uncle_dubya_glass so go give him a follow for equally entertaining content on the daily!

Thanks for tuning in!

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