Sunday 1/13/19

Sunday 1/13/19

January 13, 2019

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn't drink alcohol this week, marking just under ten months since I decided to abstain. I've been too busy to think about drinking, which is a major reason I decided to quit in the first place.

My brother is in town, and we got some killer pow days in at Vail. I've also welcomed visiting artist Gina Gaffner @glassbyboots back to the studio for her second time. Gina is one of my favorite people to work with, and having her in the studio is an absolute pleasure.

I just wrapped up a week of prep for my show, after a slow start to 2019. I'm finally getting in the groove and got to make a cup with another visiting artist Robert Retza @logglass that we just put in the kiln. I'll be releasing a handful of solo cups at my show next month, as well as working on some collaborations with friends. It's been cold in the studio, which is all the motivation I need to turn on my torch and melt.

It's been amazing catching up with Gina, who can't seem to wrap her head around everything that has changed in my studio since her visit last year. We reminisced on the days when I was a vagabond, galavanting around the country. Gina offered me her guest room in Austin Texas when I had an opportunity to work on a lathe at Grav Labs and contribute to Armadillo Glass Arts Initiative. That month was probably my longest period of stability that year when I was carrying everything I owned in a few bags and a large Tupperware. Most notably, we rode a tandem bike to the studio together in the hot Texas sun.

My brother and I are adding a few things to the website this week, and gift cards are still discounted until I decide to change it. It's not a top priority for us, so anyone who buys will get free $ for the indefinite future. Happy 2019!

My next photo shoot is Tuesday, so expect some new products to drop on the site next week. I'm way behind on photos. Thanks for your patience, I'm doing my best to keep up. A lot of people I meet think Drinking Vessels is some big company, but it's not. Drinking Vessels is run by my brother and myself. We get a lot of help from our friends, and we appreciate all the support you give us to keep it going!

Thanks for everything, and have a great week!

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