Thick Bottom Retti Pints - Satin Series

Super excited to be bringing you guys this new batch of pints I've crafted with Geoff. For me personally... I am a freak fanatic of satin colors, always have been since seeing the Draconis Satin Series long ago, and it's been super exciting to watch, over the duration of my career, the palette of colors available with this type of satin quality have evolved tremendously. There was a long lull between those first examples of satin colors and the real boom of many more developing later on. This has been a delight to me. Mainly due to the hard work and shared fascination of individuals like Greasy Glass and others who have come before whom I don't personally know to acknowledge, but am genuinely thankful for.

This series is, as it stands today, the best possible full rainbow spectrum of satins that I know of to present to you. I was committed to using a single satin color to accent each cup to represent a full rainbow spectrum and in turn represent the prolific evolution of my favorite family of colors. I managed to achieve this on every piece in the series, short of the red cup. There just isn't a baller red satin invented yet that I'm aware of (I hope I'm wrong), so I made that exception to sleeve pomegranate over white satin to make the closest, best thing to what I would like to see available. In the hand, something about these and satin glass in general is just so amazing and special to me. We've really pushed every batch to be nicer than before, as nice as we can make them really, and I don't think this batch is any exception.

Thanks for checking them out, and especially Thank you to the lucky few in the world that gets to spend time with them. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


- Holdin

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