Thick Bottom Retti Pints - Molten Aura

January 1st of this year we made a goal to send drinking vessels 100 cups in 2023….. and I’m not sure where we are at. Maybe halfway, but I haven’t really tallied everything up in a bit.

What I DO know is that over this year every batch geoff and I have seriously fine tuned our respective skills we each contribute to this series, more and more.

This thick reticello bottom pint design at this scale, in borosilicate, is no small feat to do well, and has taken us years of practice and preparation to get them not only clean but consistent. Focusing on the challenge of cups this year overall has upped my glass game tremendously and I’m a much better glass artist for it.

For many years Ben pushed me to make more cups, initially I was still learning the skills it would take to do that but I’m really stoked to see such progress in my own work, and very notably in Geoff’s work as well. Excited to be workin on cups I’m truly proud of lately.

This round is a special one. We’ve compiled a selection of our favorite colors from Molten Aura labs, which is essentially the most premium quality, most expensive, and most rare color company in the world. You can really see why in this array of work. The colors in this spread are so vibrant and air free it’s almost unreal. 

We’ve been excited and planning for this series for a while now, and we felt like it was finally time to show some love to one of our favorite color makers now that we’ve really dialed in this process.
These colors can be double, triple and beyond the cost of color from some other makers so we hope you understand the small increase in price for the first time since the dawn of the series.

Each cup in this collection is a testament to the harmony of craftsmanship and color, a fusion that transcends ordinary drinkware.

These cups are more than just objects; they are a celebration of form and function. They invite users to savor the aesthetic pleasure of the hand-blown glass, enhancing the experience of the beverages they hold.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks for the support to everyone of our collectors so far.

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