Thick Bottom Retti Pints 3.0

Our good friends Ian Silverman 'HoldinGolden' and Geoff Madeley 'G.D.Glass' have put together another batch of their signature Thick Bottom Pints. This batch featuring juicy bright colors from Greasy Glass, accented by HoldinGolden's ultra clean Lotus White rettis. Once again Geoff has knocked the build and shaping of these cups out of the park. The snappy lip wraps, smooth constant shapes, and of course super thick bottoms make these cups as appealing in the hand as they are to the eyes. Like a bouquet of spring flowers these cups are sure to be a bright spot in your day. Grab one or two before they are gone!

Each Thick Bottom Retti Pint from the drop come with a limited edition HoldinGolden coaster!

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