Stephan Peirce

Stephan Peirce is a wizard. His drinkware is some of the most sophisticated I’ve ever come across. Eric Goldschmidt, head of the flameworking studio at Corning Museum of Glass refers to Stephan’s Tazzas as “the best in the biz.” Stephan has a wealth of knowledge on glass, tools, and equipment. I would consider him to be the best resource in the world to any lathe owner or operator. I’ve known Stephan for years, since he gave me a place to work for a month in Austin leading up to the Armadillo Project, a charity event benefiting Meals On Wheels. I’m honored to represent Stephan’s work, and grateful to have him as a friend. He has supported Drinking Vessels in more ways than I can count, and I cherish the pieces I own from him in my personal collection. His lidded tazza collaboration with Robert Mickelsen is the most sophisticated piece I own, his hollow handle mug with SALT is regularly in use, and the others are admired on my shelf daily.

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