SALT is an innovator and a pioneer. His characters are unlike any others I’ve ever seen, and yet somehow each one reminds me of someone I’ve encountered in my life. He is responsible for an entire genre of glass art, and many of the artists I carry would cite him as a major influence within that genre. He has shared knowledge with the community for years, including with me and many of my contemporaries. It’s a privilege to represent his cups, and to explore the boundaries of drinkware with him as we come up with fresh ideas. His old kiln is the main kiln at Bat Country Studios and it reads “Five Words Or Less, You’ll Get My Best.” I try to stick to this when we discuss projects, and I’ve never been disappointed. In addition to a mug he made with Stephan Peirce years ago, I have a large collection of his shot glasses including a collaboration with AKM that is my favorite.

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