Flexpresso Sipper Drop

A note from Flex:


Loving glass life since I first got the opportunity to get behind the flame in early 2008. Working in my home shop in Dallas Texas has been one of the most rewarding and equally challenging experiences. As the years have gone by I have always changed & evolved the designs I make whether it be in functional pipes or new styles of cups. The thing I love most about glass is an chance to gather from a vast multitude of contemporary concepts and apply modern techniques to design work that’s unique to my vision.

My latest rabbit hole in the world of cups “Flexspresso Sippers” have been a great way to meet a new challenge scaling the measurements down, making cups intended to hold 2oz.  I’ve been honored to work with a lot of my peers to collaborate with this new template in mind. With any new design it takes a bit of time to chew on the fat before feeling satisfied, this design has taken shape to quickly evolve into my favorite design of cup.
Espresso has an equal kinship to fine wine in its diverse complexity, it’s a world I was unfamiliar with until I spent time around friends who have exposed me to the connoisseur’s relationship with the beverage. It’s my opinion that the best things in life are meant to be sipped slowly.


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