Ben's Lens: An Interview with Log Glass

Ben's Lens: An Interview with Log Glass

May 07, 2020 1 Comment

For the last year Rob has been renting a spot at Bat Country Studios. He is the longest renter to last as my shop mate up here in Minturn, and also my first renter who has contributed to DV production on a regular basis. We try to collaborate at least once week, and we’re both often helping each other with random tasks and projects. While we overlap at the studio a lot, we are also on different schedules that allow both of us our own time to be at the studio without distractions. Rob has developed a line of drink ware since coming to the studio including shot glasses, tumblers, and pints in addition to our collaborations. He has also been experimenting with some stemware that he mostly keeps or gives away as gifts from what I have seen. I’m sure being the perfectionist he is that he just wants to refine the process before releasing them into the wild.


BB: How did you end up at Bat Country Studios?
RR: I found out about the shop at the first VCCC and then came back out for the second year. At that time I was living out of my car on the road for the winter and looking for a new home base when Ben offered me a bench spot. I couldn’t say no. 

How would you describe the studio to someone who has never been? Not many people get to look out the window of their studio and see both the river and mountain peaks.
We have a nice space to hang out and work that stays surprisingly clean. If I’m having a hard day I can step outside and I’m thrown into the center of a beautiful mountain scape painting. If that’s not enough there’s a trail into the wilderness right across the street.

Have you made it through a full year of dealing with my madness yet? What is your favorite part?
Yeah I can relate to most of the madness so it’s been cool. I really enjoy harassing Ben about various things but the struggles with cooking might be my favorite. 

How would you describe sharing a studio and working with me? It's ok, you can be honest. 
It has taken some time to get used to each other’s working habits but we seem to have found a way to both be productive in the same space. It’s nice to have someone to work on projects with and now that we’ve done a lot of collaborations we have a good work flow figured out. 

You primarily make pipes when you aren’t making cups for DV. Where can people find your pipes?
If you live in Wisconsin I have a great selection of work at Big Jays Smoke shop and Marley's. Outside of Wisconsin the best place to find my work is @Logglass on Instagram. Coming soon is my new website Log.Glass

Have you kept one of our collaborations yet? I love my scalloped pint with the pink fire wig wag we made together.
Nope lol let’s make one

Yeah if we ever get ahead on inventory! How’s your cup collection?
I’ve been slowly building it up since I got here. Right now I have a Jason Gordon fumed pint and a Gasp whiskey tumbler. I also have a few I’ve made and a special collaboration with Robert Micklesen from the 2019 VCCC.

Who is your favorite cup maker? Which artists inspire you?
I couldn’t pick a single favorite but I really enjoy work by Stephen Pierce, Jason Gordon, RAM, Matty B, Emily Marie and True Krunk. 

Do you have a favorite cup on the site or any that have come through the studio while you’ve been here? You have probably seen more of the Drinking Vessels collection come and go than anyone else.
That Matty B. at the beginning of 2020 blew me away. I’m always pumped to see the new stuff that lands here but that one really stands out. 

Tell everyone about your setup. What kind of torch are you running and what are your favorite tools?
I’ve been running a GTT Phantom for around five years. I’ve probably needed more fire power for a while now but I’ve been able to get it done so far. I don’t really have a favorite tool but seeing as I’ve gone through a dozen or more reamers it seems that’s my most used. Also the feeling of getting a new reamer almost compares to a new car. 😎

You pull all your own vac stacks, so all of your pattern work is created on a unique canvas. Tell our audience about that process and how you come up with fresh color ways. Of course I understand if its top secret, but I think it is important to mention that all of your work starts from scratch. What some people don’t understand is that each color pattern you release is limited quantity. Typically we only make one or two collaborations from each color pattern you pull, making each cup truly one of a kind. 
I start by breaking down sticks of colored glass into five inch pieces and arrange fifteen to sixteen of them into a pattern. I often stick to a few different patterns and change up the shades of the colors to find new aesthetics. Then stack those into a large piece of tubing with a smaller piece in the middle to hold them on the outer diameter of the inside of the larger tubing. Makes a ton of sense right? (Look into stick stacks for more info) I often spread out my small batch of each pattern into a variety of different pieces to create large “sets” that are broken up for people to collect. 

How long have you been vegetarian? Was my tuna pasta chickpea salad the best thing you’ve had since you gave up meat?
I often don’t eat a lot of meat but I’m not really vegetarian. I was pleasantly surprised with your recent salad since as I’ve mention your cooking often frightens me.

Yeah that vegetarian era didn’t last long haha! Lets talk about Taco Tuesday. Is that your favorite day of the week at Bat Country Studios?

the office gif * s2 ryan howard dailyscranton •
Which character do you most relate to from The Office? What about for me?
Another tough question... I’d have to say I loosely relate to Ryan and would say you are like Michael if Bat Country Studio was “The Office.” I’m just trying to please Michael and get a more permanent position here while also starting lots of odd side hustles. 

How would you describe a typical day in the life of Log?
Wake up to multiple random messages from Ben and other folks. Ignore that stuff for a while. Get ready. Listen to podcasts on the way to the shop. Arrive to Ben in a manic state ranting about cups. Cook breakfast (eggs and toast). Turn on the torch and work. Lots of various breaks for unnecessary things like dabbing and Instagram. Dinner also at the shop. Leave the shop at 3 - 5am. Rinse and repeat.

What is your favorite part of making cups?
I enjoy the all around challenge of making a cup big enough to drink out of. It’s a much heavier piece of glass to keep spinning and the amount of heat that comes off of a 16oz pint glass becomes almost unbearable really quick. It makes it a lot more satisfying when you finish the piece. 

How amazing that just up the road we can hike up Meadow Mountain in Minturn and get turns in. How many days did you get on the hill this year, even though our season got cut short?
I got thirty-ish days between the two local resorts and then around six or seven days of hiking after that.

We got a few good laps in together! What was it like watching me fly into that tree?
It was as the say a “Kodak moment;” First I had to check to make sure you weren’t broken in half but then I was just glad to have captured the moment on film. 

Yeah I bounced pretty hard. I think four or five chairlifts shouted to see if I was ok. For all the gear heads - what kind of set up are you riding?
Last year I got a new Weston board in trade and was lucky enough to borrow some solid Ride bindings from Ben. Thanks again bud! 

Unfortunately, our interns got cut short this year. Would you mind sharing your perspective on the high school internship we offer at the studio?
I think it’s a great opportunity for all of us to learn something. For them it’s a great place to be immersed in the real world and see what it looks like to be in control of your own work. Also I can’t even imagine getting the opportunity to work with glass in high school. For us I think it’s really great to remember what it’s like to get started and find that new inspiration. 

How could I improve the facility?
More room for activities. Like skateboarding lol


I appreciate how much Rob has contributed to the space, and maintained a clean studio unlike some of my former renters. He's been extremely helpful with receiving oxygen and propane, along with working with the interns and helping with Taco Tuesday. We can’t seem to keep our scalloped pint collaborations in stock, but I am definitely trying to get ahead on those so we have some to list on the site soon! Lately his cups have been selling so fast that I feel like I am nagging him every day to make more. He helps fill that high quality and affordable price point across multiple products. We’ve also seen some of his nicest pieces come out of the last year including a few fully worked cups of yours that have found homes. The wood grain cup I still have available is probably the nicest cup you’ve ever made but Ol’ Spiral Twisty was a real gem too. It has been fun watching him grow and explore cups over the last year and I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

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Luis Sustaita
Luis Sustaita

September 21, 2020

Logglass is my favorite glass blower. I feel very fortunate to be able to purchase a few pieces from him directly. I am looking forward to adding to my logglass collection. I also want to get some of Bens’ pieces, not to mention a collab between Ben And Rob. Peace. ✌️.

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