Ben's Lens: An Interview With Jason Gordon

Ben's Lens: An Interview With Jason Gordon

January 01, 2018



"Jason Gordon is one of the most innovative pipe makers I've ever met, and his new project, Gordon's Glassware, is some of the best and most affordable handmade borosilicate drinkware. A necessity in any collection" - Ben Belgrad


Jason Gordon aka Gordons Glassware

Blowing Glass Since 2000

First Memory With Glass:

Jason_Gordon_Glass_Blowing_Pulling_TubeMy friend owned the local headshop and had a guy from Ogdensburg, NY, come blow glass in his garage. He showed up with a torch and glasses, no tools at all. We found a metal punch and that was all he used to make pipes all night long. He put them in vermiculite and sold them to all of us as it came of out the vermiculite, like an hour after marking them! I was a construction worker so instantly I thought this is the greatest job ever!




 Favorite Cup to Make

 Tallboy Pint Glass [$100 hollar]

 Favorite Drink

 Water. For alcohol, a whiskey   mixed drink

 Anything else we should know?

 To Live Free, one must truly value   individuality.

Check out more Jason Gordon Glass:

Jason_Gordon_blowing_glass_selfieInstagram: gordons_glassware & jasongordon315


Snap: Livinfree315

Etsy: Gordons Glassware


Email: (Coming Soon!)


Gordons Glassware [WEBSITE SPECIAL]

$100 Holler, Fumed Tallboy and Fumed Pint Glass, until sold out. Gordon's Glassware Drinking Vessels


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