Ben's Lens: An Interview With Brian 'Gasp' McCauley

Ben's Lens: An Interview With Brian 'Gasp' McCauley

October 15, 2018

Brian McCauley aka Gasp, a second wave pipemaker who organized the first ever gallery show for pipes in 2003, has been on quite the cup kick lately. Last year he and I made a few together, and this cup release is his second drop through Drinking Vessels. His packages are some of the most exciting for me to unbox when they arrive. 


I remember the first time I met Brian at Krushmore in Philadelphia while visiting Germ and Slinger. I walked up to the guys who were passing a joint, and Slinger said "Gasp is old AF, like old man old". After a few minutes of hearing them make fun of how old Gasp was, I finally asked "how old is he?"

"Why don't you just ask him" Germ joked. "He's standing right next to you."

I felt like such an idiot. I had been following his work for years, and didn't recognize him standing a foot away. Brian was super cool, as soon as he noticed how embarrassed I was. He told me he doesn't post pictures of himself often and that I shouldn't feel bad. It helped a little.

At the time I was semi-homeless, traveling around the country studio to studio wherever I could get on a lathe. Sometimes I would just end up in Philly when I needed a break from NYC and Krushmore always took me in. I'm grateful to those guys and so many more that helped me along the journey.

Brian McCauley aka Gasp

Blowing glass since 1998

How Did You Start Working with Glass?

Summer of '98, sitting at a bar with Slinger. He explained how to do a reversal and it just clicked. At that moment I decided to blow glass.

Favorite Cup Maker?

Impossible to choose. The vessel making artists I've been inspired by lately are Joe Cariati (@joecariati), Sean Forest Roberts (@forestceramicco), Xander D'Ambrosio (@xanderdamglass) & Micah Evans (@micahglass).

Favorite Cup to Make?

12 oz. Earthentech

What Are You Drinking?

Currently a tie between dark roast coffee & hazy IPA.

What Are you Listening To?

I switch it up - often ambient music, old country/folk, hardcore, drum & bass, minimal techno. I am also listen to political/social podcasts, and a few art & music podcasts. Also local community radio.

Anything else you want us to know?

I'm neat, as in tidy. I love gardening. I love dogs. I don't listen to jam bands or trap.

Where can we find you?

Portland, Oregon



We're excited to have just received Gasp's second release through Drinking Vessels. Check out all of Gasp's available drinkware.

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