Drinking Vessels, Welcome to My World

Drinking Vessels, Welcome to My World

August 23, 2017

Morning Coffee in Avon Colorado


Hi. I'm Ben.

This is officially my first blog post. Bear with me, as it's bound to be a bit of a bore.

My Glass Studio, Made in Minturn

Drinking Vessels Glass Studio Made in Minturn Colorado


I'm writing this from my balcony in Avon, Colorado (soaking in the appreciation for my view and where I am today) before I head to my glass studio in Minturn. I don't have words for the feeling that I get from being able to refer to my room and my studio. For the last 3 years I've been living on the road, working out of other artist's spaces. It has been an incredible journey that I would not trade for any experience (more coming soon), but it's also a relief to know that I've finally got my own space.



Drinking Vessels Ben Belgrad and Jon Belgrad Breckenridge


My brother is currently visiting me, working remotely from my room for his day job while spending the rest of his time out here helping me. Jonathon receives very little credit and even less money for all of his hard work on our project. I could not be more grateful to my younger brother for all of his hard work to make Drinking Vessels what it is.






What is Drinking Vessels?

Here's a little bit about how Drinking Vessels came to be. I started out with the idea to create handmade cups out of borosilicate glass. This evolved into making cups with other glass artists in collaboration. Eventually, my brother and I developed a philanthropy project which you can read about here. I have partnered with multiple charities to donate a portion of the sale of each cup that I make in my collaboration series, based on the color of the cup. As this project developed, I realized that there was no marketplace for handmade glass cups and other drinkware, and so I began curating cups from my fellow artisans to make available through our shop.

I've got a few ideas for this blog, and like everything else in life, it will evolve. You can look forward to "Ben gets a Beer in a Bar" a column where I'll review a local beer in a watering hole I end up in. I'll share my experiences from the road through bars I end up in, beers I drink, and most importantly, the people I meet during my adventures. I'll also be using the blog to highlight featured artists on the site, bringing you behind the scenes with cup makers from around the world.

To those of you who have been following my journey so far, thank you. If you are just tuning in here, Welcome. I look forward to sharing some stories here, and bringing you the best cup content on the web.

Ben Belgrad

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