Sunday 8/14/22

Sunday 8/14/22

August 14, 2022

On Sundays I reflect. 
There was a long time where the second sentence of this blog was always “I didn’t drink alcohol this week”. Lately I have not been fully abstaining from alcohol consumption like I have been for most of the last five years. That being said, it has been a long time since I overindulged. 
My life has felt extra hectic lately, but now there is a bit of relief. My schedule this week includes a few meetings, but mostly I’m hoping to blow glass this week. My primary objective is finishing the bowl for the third ash tray, which is being delivered to a client in Portland next weekend. I have a few collaborations on deck as well as some much more involved solo projects for upcoming shows and events. 
I went down to Denver last week for some meetings. My friend Seth needed me to pick up his daughter Maya from her first week away at summer camp. He sent me in the BMW convertible. 
When you’re given a convertible to drive, I advise you to put the top down and take the back roads. 
I got lots of new cups this week, and a few of them have already found homes. I’ll be heading to the studio soon to share all the freshies for Sunday Specials. Make sure to tune in for some new artists along with a restock of the Classic Clears from Log Glass. 
I’ve been asking questions recently on my social media to try to gauge where this market is at. I’ve asked things like “who is the most collectible artist?” and “who is the most overpriced artist?”  
The borosilicate cup market has changed so much in 2022 alone, that I’ve found myself providing different answers to these types of questions than I have given for the last few years. 
I used to be able to count the artists on one hand that could get $1000+ for a cup. I’m not even sure I could count the artists who have sold a $10,000 cup on one hand today.  I know I can’t count the artists who have hit $5000 for their cups on one hand. 
I told everyone in attendance at my February Vail Cup Collector’s Club that there was a noticeable shift in the market that we would continue to see evolve this year. I’ve been wrong a lot in my life, but that statement continues to ring true. This year continues to push the limits in so many ways. 
I posted a photo today that my friend Germ took of us on a disposable camera back at Glassroots Madison around 2012 ish. I remember the scene back then, and lately I’ve been comparing the scene of today to those days. It’s hardly the same in most ways. The zeitgeist is different today. 
A lot of people have mentioned the divide. Has our scene shifted from camaraderie to competition? At one point it felt like regardless of who you were, if you were a pipe maker you were part of a movement and a community. There were always cliques and groups, but it felt more regionally created than socially created. Maybe that was just my perception back then, but today feels like a whole new level of social club. 
A few people have told me that my events remind them of how it used to be. Maybe it’s because collecting cups isn’t hype or popular yet, and the people buying these items are not typically motivated in the same way as people buying pipes. 
The idea of my events is to bring people together, sharing our passion for art and community. We try to be inclusive of everyone who wants to be involved, and I am actively looking for new people who could contribute to our events in a positive way. If you think that describes you and your project, whether it be handmade cups or some other project please reach out. We want to work with you!
Our next Popup event will be Sunday September 18 from 2-5 PM at Purple Haze Colfax location in Denver. More info will be coming soon but make sure to mark your calendars for this one!
As usual I’m buried with projects and expenses to keep this train moving. I could really use your support today if there is a piece you have had your eyes on please reach out to make a deal. I’ll be posting dibs deals and other specials on my Instagram story and live stream, and I am also happy to work with you one on one to get the right piece into your collection. 
Thank you so much for your support in helping me make my vision a reality. 
Enjoy your Sunday,

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