Sunday 3/13/22

Sunday 3/13/22

March 13, 2022

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn’t drink alcohol this week. It’s better that way.

I got on my snowboard this week. We had epic powder day and I got out with my friends Vinscent Van Grow and the squad. They took me around Beaver Creek and showed me their powder pockets while I tried a demo board from Weston. It was good to get some time to play on the hill with friends, but I have been too tired to get out more. 

I also got some time on the torch this week. I went in on two of my most elaborate solo cups that I have ever made for two upcoming cup shows. The first is a new one up in Oregon by Slab Town Boro and later this month I will have a cup in the Lifted Cups 2 Show at Lifted Veil Gallery in LA. I can’t recall a time when there have been two shows dedicated to cups in one month in our scene. To me this is very exciting! I was able to attend the first Lifted Cups show last year and hope I can make it to this year’s event again. The two cups for these shows match the same color theme featuring Wild Honey and King Crimson from Boro Batch and my Composition Notebook pattern. 

It feels great to have my art featured in these shows. Ben the Artist often takes a backseat to Business Ben, but for almost four days I was able to focus on being creative and working at my lathe. I feel extremely privileged to have been able to make the time for these projects and honored to have my work alongside so many great artists. I don’t think there are any fully worked composition notebook cups available on the market so these will be the only two for now, and I hope to make a batch to release soon. This would be my first official release of the work, besides individual cups I have made and sold over the years. 

Marta helped me get caught up on everything we are still processing after my show. We have been shipping artist gift bags and cups to collectors. We have been restoring the studio back to normal operations. My photographer Graham came to shoot everything we had gotten behind on, only to have his camera stolen in the Bay Area. Unfortunately his memory card was in, and he will have to reshoot everything. I feel terrible for Graham and his team (it was a work trip) but fortunately he is ok and things can be replaced. Unfortunately this delays us from releasing some of the work I have been waiting to share with you.

And now I am preparing for my annual birthday trip to NYC and Philly. I will be seeing old friends in both cities, and taking my first real vacation in longer than I can remember. I haven’t been back in a few years due to the pandemic. I spent a year living in NYC around 2014 by accident. Ever since then I have made my way back when I can. The contrast for me between NYC and Vail provides different inspirations in my life and opens me up to different experiences and opportunities. Now feels like the perfect time for me to leave the mountains and thrust myself into the cities in order to break up the normal day to day. 

I have a lot planned with my friends and don’t expect this trip to be very relaxing per se, but nevertheless I am very excited to get back and see everyone. 

With that I have a lot to wrap up here so today’s entry is slightly short. I will be going live on Instagram from the studio for Sunday Specials and to celebrate reaching 25,000 followers. 

As always thanks for tuning in. If you want to make my birthday trip extra special you can hit me up today to make a deal on something in stock and get a little extra spending money into my pocket. If you are in NYC or Philly feel free to give me a shout to link up. I appreciate all of you!

Enjoy your Sunday,


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