Shift Drink Saturday: Bellini

Shift Drink Saturday: Bellini

May 30, 2020


The marriage between peaches and Prosecco produce the lovely Bellini. This classic cocktail is about a decade away from reaching it's 100th birthday. The pink and the bubbles certainly attract a more feminine clientele these days but you can be sure the imbibers at Harry's Bar in Venice didn't care what color it was.

How did the name Harry get chosen over so many beautiful Italian names like, Giovanni, Leonardo, Enzo, Luciano, Marino, Hugo etc.? Enter Harry Pickering, an American escaping the Great Depression of the 30's gallivanting around Italy drinking his time away. While in Venice he met Giusepe Cipriani and soon thereafter opened a bar together. Harry provided the initial money therefore he got to name it... Harry's Bar. Cipriani is the brains and brilliance behind the restaurant where both the famous Bellini came from behind the bar and Carpaccio was born in the Kitchen. Not one, but two everlasting and ubiquitous recipes that have permeated so many cultures to today. 

The popularity of the drink arose from a familiar name in drinking lore. Yes, Ernest Hemingway, once again found love at the bottom of every peach and Presecco flute.  He fell so hard for this restaurant and cocktail that he set a part of his novel Across the River and into the Trees there. Get your bar in a Hemingway novel and you are sure to see the crowds flock. 

In Italy, the white peaches have about a 4 month growing season. I prefer to wait for the ripe season but if you can't there are plenty of peach purees or peach flavored liqueur that can be added to the Bellini. Prosecco is the preferred effervescent drink to be added to the concoction but if any sparkling wine or Champagne will do (for NA drinkers just top with soda and citrus).

The Sweet Summer Cocktail 

To execute this recipe properly the use of a bar spoon is required. Pour the peach puree on the bottom of the glass, lower the spoon into the glass, resting on top of the puree. Slowly pour the Prosecco down the spoon so that the carbonation does not overflow the glass and make a mess. Add a fun garnish and enjoy!

Time to enjoy...

Drink a Bellini with your appetizer and enjoy it again for dessert. Substitute your mimosas for a Bellini to really freshen up your brunch game too. Lighter foods will go well with this drink, pastas, salads and the like. Don't overthink it and just enjoy it!


Sam the Juice Man

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