Cup Crew Street Team

We are excited about your interest in joining the
Drinking Vessels Cup Crew!

Street Team Objective:
Extending the community of drinkware culture by bringing awareness and merging it with mainstream society.

Who We’re Looking For:
We are seeking self-motivated marketers who believe in our vision and want to contribute in our growth by representing our brand with enthusiasm and creativity. 

What We’re Looking For:
You will be representing Drinking Vessels and drinkware culture through a combination of the following:

• Sporting Drinking Vessels swag.
• Distributing flyers, stickers, etc.
• Using handmade cups at locations like work, social gatherings, bars, coffee shops, etc.
• Documenting the story every step of the way to create lifestyle content we’ll feature across our social channels, e.g. cups in everyday settings and cool places, street team efforts, sporting swag, etc.
• Sharing products, events or anything Drinking Vessels on your social media. We understand this may be intrusive so this is optional, however bonus incentives may apply to those who contribute.
• Visiting shops in your area to see if they will carry Drinking Vessels products, e.g. glass shops, art galleries, bars and coffee shops.
• Being accountable and reporting back.

What to Expect from Us:
We want to make it clear that this is a volunteer position, but rewards for your efforts will include:

• Swag
• Entry into street team exclusive drawings and raffles on items like cups, a pass to our Vail Cup Collector’s Club, and free glassblowing lessons with in-house and visiting artists.
• Dibs - Early access to product releases.
• Discounts: 20% off entire order from the website (does not apply to already discounted items).
• Commissions: 10% kick-back from website orders when someone uses your unique promo code.
• Accountability and reporting back.

We are open to any creative ideas you might have that will help our community grow and strengthen! 

Fill out the application here.

Contact us for further inquires.

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