Mission: Create & Curate the finest handmade drinkware while committed to social action and supporting artists.

Most of his time revolves around cups: Creating, Collaborating & Curating the best hand-made cups...glass, wood, ceramics, and more to come!


drinking_vessels_in_the_studio_hand_blown_glassBut it all started when Benjamin Glazer Belgrad was born in Memphis in 1990, where he lived in his mother's hometown for two important and formative years. In 1992, the family relocated to Chicagoland, his father's hometown. Ben spent his childhood growing up in Chicago.

Upon graduating high school, Ben embarked on a road trip across the country from Chicago to California, before beginning college at Indiana University. This trip sparked Ben's lifelong passion for exploring the world through travel.

Ben began working with glass after winning a hand blown piece of glass in a raffle in 2010. The piece was made by Bob Taylor and Ryan 'Huffy' Hoffman. After a brief apprenticeship with Bob, Volta Glass was born, and Ben continued apprenticing for Huffy. At Volta, Ben was introduced to the lathe, and his glass career began to take shape. After building components for Huffy's product line for about 3 years, Ben  left in search of a new opportunity, which he found in New York. Ben spent a year developing and building a product line which served as a canvas into which Joe from Long Island Glass could incorporate his imagery technology. After a year in New York, Ben made his way to Colorado where he spent a year working with Joel Halen to build a production line in addition to developing his own work which can be seen throughout the site.

Currently, Ben resides in Gypsum, Colorado where he is undergoing the process of building his own studio for the first time in his career. The facility will be for glass art, as well as other art mediums. These days, most of his time and energy revolves around cups: Creating, Collaborating, and Curating the best hand-made cups...glass, word, ceramics, and more to come!

In his free time, Ben is also a musician known for his bass playing with Dude Stop and the Stopettes, as well as Shackers. Ben also enjoys snowboarding at Vail when he has time.

Ben is fond of alliteration, craft beer, exact change, and Settlers of Catan. He is also a self proclaimed Vagabond.

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