Sunday 1/22/23

Sunday 1/22/23

January 22, 2023

On Sundays I reflect.

I didn't drink alcohol this week, but I definitely did last weekend in Vegas. Glass Vegas was a hell of a show - but any seasoned member of our community knows that most of the business goes down at "The Circle Bar" or more recently for the newcomers the lobby bar at Ballys (Horseshoe).

The Circle Bar days are long behind us, but I spent time reminiscing with old friends about the good old days and how it used to be. I guess I'm a sucker for nostalgia or just a crochety old man. For so many reasons it will never be what it was, but I'm grateful I was there a decade ago when things were still underground.

The Drinking Vessels category in the World Series Of Glass had incredible submissions and walking the trade show floor I saw lots of cups being offered, probably more than ever before. If you didn't see AKM's winning piece make sure to find pictures of that online. For the second year in a row Andrew's Skull Goblet sets the bar for our scene, but also taking me back to the first one he released in the series at the COPA show at Witch DR so many years ago. At the time and to this day AKM is at the forefront of the cup game. 

On an unrelated note, I found a fresh DNB banger the other day which I've had on repeat. Check out FLUTE by MONSS if you want to jam along. 

When we got back from Vegas there was a tremendous snowstorm in Vail which means I've been riding hard since I got home. I recently busted out my brand new Japow from Weston, who has asked me to make it clear that I am specifically not sponsored by them. The powder is deep and I may or may not have challenged a tree to a duel with my right thigh, resulting in a very large bruise on my leg. Fortunately it wasn't worse than that and it wasn't enough to keep me off the hill for long, but I did need one day off to recover. 

I've been torching too! I have a bunch of collabs in process and on deck for the Vail Cup Collectors Club and we have guest artists visiting from now until the show. I can't tell you everyone we have on the calendar but I can say this year's VCCC is an event you do not want to miss. 

We brought back some new cups from Glass Vegas and will be releasing those soon. Rob (Log) has been crushing out some Classic Clear Collabs with my Composition Notebook prep, all of which have been scooped already and we have at least a few more people on a waitlist for when he can make more. 

We added the last two Thick Retti Bottom Pints from Holdin Golden and GD the other day and one got scooped this morning. These are probably the nicest cups available at the price point right now so it's no surprise the first two batches flew off to collectors before we could promote them being listed on the site. 

A lot of artists have been reaching out asking how to get involved with Drinking Vessels and about getting on the lineups for our shows. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please reach out about being added to our calendar for a visit to Bat Country Studios. We have multiple popups being planned around the country and of course our annual Summer Vail Cup Collectors Club Mug Mania show, which we will begin planning as soon as the February show wraps up. There are lots of opportunities for artists to get involved, but we will not be able to accommodate new artists the day or even week of the events, so please get in touch now. 

If you haven't gotten tickets for the next VCCC February 11th don't miss your chance at one of the few remaining VIP spots - or make sure you have a GA ticket as space is especially limited for our winter show without access to our parking lot for shakedown as it will be too cold. We also hope you can join us for laps at Vail February 12th where I'll take you on some of my favorite runs, some of which I'll guarantee you've never ridden before!

I'll be heading to the studio soon to run Sunday Specials on the live stream, and you can check out our newest page for Sunday Specials here on the site.

As always thanks for tuning in and enjoy your Sunday!


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